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At Mono Color Magic we promote both the simplicity and the awesome power that can be found in single-color magic cards and decks. Whether you’re looking to learn magic and need some basics, need the right strategy to teach your kids, are looking for resources to get started, or are a seasoned player looking for your next mono-colored commander, we’re here to help!

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Latest Decks and Posts

  • 70 Best Black Card Draw Cards in MTG Magic: the Gathering
    While traditionally seen as secondary to blue’s dominion over card advantage, black offers a tantalizing array of draw options that can bolster your deck’s capability to eke out a victory from the jaws of defeat. When considering black card draw options, you must understand that it often comes with a price, be it paying life, sacrificing creatures, or discarding cards. This cost is not without its benefits. The ability to trade a few life or an early creature for card advantage can easily swing game momentum in your favor.
  • 54 Best Mono Red Card Draw in MTG Magic: the Gathering
    When it comes to playing mono red in MTG, card draw is often a missing piece of the puzzle. Red is known for its fast pace, direct damage, and aggressive creatures, but classically it has lacked the ability to draw cards consistently. It also hasn’t had much to contribute draw-wise to multi-colored decks. Luckily, there are a few cards that can help fill this gap and provide red players with the card advantage they need to stay ahead of the game. One of the best Mono Red card draw options is Light Up the Stage.
  • 55 Best MTG Draw Cards Green in Magic: the Gathering
    Slowly but surely with draw cards green has come around and now there are an excess of cards that will help you draw those big creatures and combos you need to win the game. Now, green decks thrive by utilizing cards like Harmonize, defying those old color pie expectations with a simple yet profound effect: pay a bit of mana, draw a clutch of cards.
  • Beginners Guide to Commander Format MTG Magic: the Gathering
    The cornerstone of the Commander format is the commander itself—a legendary creature that not only shapes your deck’s strategy but also brings a distinctive thematic flavor to your play experience. Your commander determines the color identity you’ll play with, which is reflected in the narrative and mechanics of your 99-card singleton deck.
  • Best Colorless Tutor Cards in MTG Magic: the Gathering
    Tutors enable you to search your library or deck for other specific cards. Among the myriad of tutors, colorless tutor cards hold a unique position due to their flexibility and versatility, able to slot into any deck regardless of its color composition.