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Mono Color Magic (MCM) is a Magic: The Gathering fan content informational resource for learning/improving with emphasis on single color strategies and helping players find the right accessories for their decks/collections and game nights to improve their MTG experience.

At Mono Color Magic we promote both the simplicity and the awesome power that can be found in single-color magic cards and decks. Whether you’re looking to learn magic and need some basics, need the right strategy to teach your kids, are looking for resources to get started, or are a seasoned player looking for your next mono-colored commander, we’re here to help!

In our archives you’ll find information on a variety of Magic: the Gathering cards, decks, strategies, formats, and accessories. If you have any questions or comments please leave them on the article or visit our contact page via the link at the bottom.

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Latest Decks and Posts

  • Top 21 Mono Blue Creatures for Commander MTG Magic: the Gathering
    Blue creatures are known for their abilities more than their power or toughness. Their powerful abilities can help you manipulate spells, transform the board, gain card advantage, and create ridiculous combo decks. Blue has some powerful tribes to pull from too, with merfolk, wizards, humans, birds, and faeries just to name a few.
  • Top Colorless Draw Cards in MTG Magic: the Gathering (Non-Artifact)
    Colorless draw cards are versatile, pivotal tools that fit into almost any deck, offering a consistent stream of new options no matter what colors you’re running. They can be particularly valuable in white decks, colorless/artifact strategies, or Eldrazi tribal decks where your traditional draw sources might be limited.
  • 120+ Best Artifact Card Draw Cards in MTG Magic: the Gathering
    Sure, your blue/green Simic deck has no problems drawing, but what do you do when you want to go mono red, mono white, or Boros? Are there any artifacts out there that might provide that card advantage you’re looking for in colors that are lacking it, or for a deck where the normal draw strategies just don’t fit? Of course there are! While artifacts are colorless cards and can fit into any deck, selecting the most effective artifact card draw cards requires knowledge and strategy.
  • What is a Dice Jail, Dice Cage, or Dice Prison for?
    If you play tabletop games, from kid to adult, you’ve more than likely had a run-in with dice. While rolling high can be a thrilling event leading to critical damage or a save, every dice roller knows the frustration of a crucial moment thwarted by a disappointingly low roll. Enter the concept of a dice jail.
  • 64 Best MTG Blue Card Draw Cards in Magic: the Gathering
    Synonymous with knowledge and manipulation, blue’s philosophy in MTG revolves around control, card advantage, and disrupting opponents’ strategies. Blue card draw spells stand at the core of this philosophy, offering players the tools to maintain a steady flow of resources and gain the upper hand. From iconic spells that have shaped the game’s history, *cough* Ancestral Recall *cough*, to innovative new additions like Lórien Revealed, the power of blue card draw is undeniable in nearly every format.