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Top 21 Mono Blue Creatures for Commander MTG Magic: the Gathering

Blue creatures are known for their abilities more than their power or toughness. Their powerful abilities can help you manipulate spells, transform the board, gain card advantage, and create ridiculous combo decks. Blue has some powerful tribes to pull from too, with merfolk, wizards, humans, birds, and faeries just to name a few.

The best blue creatures for commander format Magic: the Gathering may be a bit subjective, but there are some stats out there that will help us determine the top 21 at the time of this writing. Let’s see what cards the community has deemed the best based on current usage. We’ll take a peek at their costs today, their powerful effects, and why a couple of them are some of the best mono-blue commanders.

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Top 21 Blue Creatures for Commander

  1. Archmage Emeritus – Found in 8% of decks, this Human Wizard is currently running around $2-$3. His Magecraft ability is unmatched draw power in blue control decks, but also potent in many other strategies, including the human and wizard tribes.
  2. Thassa’s Oracle – Found in 8% of decks, this Merfolk Wizard will run you about $20 right now. This card has win condition combos with cards like Demonic Consultation, Tainted Pact, and Doomsday. Of course you can’t pop those off in a mono blue deck, but there are ways to effectively self-mill in mono blue too.
  3. Spark Double – Found in 8% of decks, an Illusion currently in the $5-$6 range. What is Jace up to now? Copy one of your creatures or Planeswalkers, but with additional power/toughness or loyalty!

  1. Hullbreaker Horror – Found in 7% of decks, a Kraken Horror creature that is anywhere from $2.50 to $6 right now. Between Flash, Can’t be Countered, and the choices this guy gives you, it’s easy to overlook that it’s also a 7/8 beatstick. Not to mention it’s infinite storm combo when paired with a Sol Ring!
  2. Mulldrifter – Found in 7% of decks, this uncommon Elemental will cost you 20 to 40 cents right now. 2/2 flyer for 5 mana? Not so great. Draw 2 cards for 3 mana when you evoke it? Great draw and now we have utility.
  3. Phyrexian Metamorph – Found in 7% of decks, currently anywhere from $4.75 – $6, this artifact creature has types Phyrexian Shapeshifter. The ability to copy and artifact or creature for 4 mana makes this one fancy Clone. Phyrexian mana option is there as well.

  1. Etherium Sculptor – Found in 6% of decks, another artifact creature with types Vedalken Artificer. Current cost in the neighborhood of 70 cents. Helps drop those artifacts with great speed.
  2. Consecrated Sphinx – Found in 5% of decks, this 4/6 flying Sphinx will run you about $25. It will make your opponents think twice about drawing cards as well.
  3. Talrand, Sky Summoner – Found in 5% of decks, legendary so it can be your commander, this Merfolk Wizard is only 20 – 50 cents right now, a perfect price to build around! Pair with Opt, Case of the Ransacked Lab, Favorable Winds, and Winged Words to create an incredible army of flying drakes and overwhelm your opponents from the air.

  1. Laboratory Maniac – Found in 5% of decks, this 2/2 Human Wizard will cost you $5-$6 at the moment. Another mono blue way to win the game by self mill.
  2. Displacer Kitten – Found in 5% of decks, this Cat Beast varies widely between sources so shop around, but I’m seeing it anywhere from $9 – $16 when bought as a single right now. It’s like a personal Astral Slide, on a kitten!
  3. Phantasmal Image – Found in 5% of decks, an Illusion currently running $7 – $10. A 2 mana Clone. Just watch targeting!

  1. Archaeomancer – Found in 4% of decks, a Human Wizard for 25 to 50 cents currently. Amazing instant and sorcery recursion for mono blue.
  2. Faerie Mastermind – Found in 4% of decks, this Faerie Rogue will run you between $10 and $14 depending on where you pick it up today. This Faerie can draw you some cards in commander.
  3. The Reality Chip – Found in 4% of decks, Legendary Artifact Creature – Equipment Jellyfish. Say that 10 times fast. Anyway, right now it’s running between $2 and $4. An incredible blue draw engine.

  1. Emry, Lurker of the Loch – Found in 4% of decks, another legendary creature Merfolk Wizard that may make a good commander, or a solid choice for your 99, Emry is running right around a buck ($1) at the moment. Emry may be a merfolk but it’s best in an artifact centric deck.
  2. Chasm Skulker – Found in 4% of decks, this Squid Horror will set you back around a dollar right now. Easy to pump up in a blue deck with draw power, and when it dies you get an army of squiddies!
  3. Nezahal, Primal Tide – Found in 4% of decks, this legendary Elder Dinosaur currently runs between $6 and $9. This one has some fun abilities to build around. It can’t be countered. It gives you no max hand size. It gives you bonus draw. And, it can blink itself.

  1. Spellseeker – Found in 4% of decks, another Human Wizard makes the list, coming in between $11 and $12 as I check. A creature that provides a great blue tutor option.
  2. Peregrine Drake – Found in 4% of decks, this Drake will only set you back 20 to 40 cents! A 2/3 flyer for 5 mana isn’t that great by itself, but when it untaps all that mana and is basically a free cost card, that’s worth running.
  3. Sai, Master Thopterist – Found in 4% of decks, this legendary creature is a Human Artificer, and you can find him going for $0.80 to $1.50 these days. Create an army of Thopter tokens and draw a bunch of cards. What’s not to love?

So many great mono blue cards out there for commander, but these are definitely some of the top options. If you still need to pick a commander for a deck check out our write up on the 100 best mono blue commanders. We can also help you find the perfect blue tutor card! Not to mention we have a list of the best blue draw cards for you to check out.

If you love this list we’ve compiled be sure to check out EDHREC and TCGPlayer which helped put it all together!

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