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55 Best MTG Draw Cards Green in Magic: the Gathering

Looking for the best green card draw spells that Magic: the Gathering has to offer? Look no further as we share the highest power mtg draw cards green can provide.

We often associate green with the rampaging Force of Nature, literally and figuratively depending on when you started playing. And in the early days of Magic, green and card draw were not friends.

MTG Force of Nature card

Green had enormous, powerful creatures, but was not very proficient at making sure you drew them.

If you wanted extra cards playing mono green there were usually drawbacks like needing an artifact that benefited all players, such as Howling Mine.

MTG Howling Mine card

Or you’d have to deal with limited use cases such as such as dropping enchantments to trigger Verduran Enchantress.

MTG Verduran Enchantress card
Verduran Enchantress – Artist – Kev Brockschmidt, TM & Copyright Wizards of the Coast

Slowly but surely with draw cards green has come around and now there are an excess of cards that will help you draw those big creatures and combos you need to win the game.

Now, green decks thrive by utilizing cards like Harmonize, defying those old color pie expectations with a simple yet profound effect: pay a bit of mana, draw a clutch of cards.

MTG Harmonize card

You also can’t overlook the role of creatures in your green card draw arsenal.

Cards such as Werewolf Pack Leader and Toski, Bearer of Secrets epitomize green’s philosophy by combining efficient stat lines with the ability to draw deeper into your deck as you engage with your opponents.

In today’s MTG green’s strength lies not only in the size of its creatures but also in the synergy between those creatures and the land upon which they tread.

The marriage of creature might with the magic of card draw has given us tools to stay ahead of our foes, maintaining board presence and momentum.

With a now wide variety of spells, creatures, lands, and colorless options, green draw cards can keep up with most other colors!

Iconic Green Draw Cards in MTG

There are a few green draw cards that stand out among the crowd. They’re the first cards experienced players think of when they want their green deck to draw a lot of cards.

Sylvan Library

MTG Sylvan Library card

Sylvan Library is a green draw staple. This enchantment allows you to look at the top three cards of our library at the beginning of our draw step. We can then draw additional cards, paying 4 life for each beyond the first. It’s a potent form of card selection, and in formats like Commander, it’s a critical piece to keep our engines running.


MTG Harmonize card

Blue got it first with Concentrate, but green jumped on board with Harmonize, the same card in green skin. “Draw three cards.” That’s what Harmonize does, plain and simple. It’s a straightforward burst of card draw in a color often more associated with muscle than with brains. In the world of green midrange or ramp decks, landing a Harmonize often means sustaining the pressure and avoiding running out of gas.

Key Green Draw Cards and Mechanics

In MTG green is synonymous with the majesty of nature, and its card draw mechanics echo this theme. Through land-based increments, the raw power of creatures, and swarms of tokens, green gets our hands on the resources we need to triumph.

Green Land-Based Draw Cards

In green decks the land itself can be wellspring of card advantage. Look for cards like:

  • The Great Henge: Not technically a land, more a mana rock that produces 2 green mana as well as buffing each non-token creature you play, and giving you a draw to replace it with.
  • Edge of Autumn: Fetch a land if you control 4 or fewer. If you have an abundance of land you can sac one to cycle Edge for a draw.
  • Horn of Greed: Draw a card whenever you or any player plays a land. Group hug theme!

  • Tireless Tracker: Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, investigate. (Create a colorless Clue artifact token with “{2}, Sacrifice this artifact: Draw a card.”)
  • Courser of Kruphix: While not technically draw, this bad dude gives you access to play with the top card of your library revealed, and play lands from the top of your library. And bonus, has a landfall of gain a life!

This approach harnesses green’s quintessential ramp strategies, turning each land drop into a potential card draw.

Green Creature Draw Cards

Green creatures may both have built-in draw, or trigger draw effects on other cards. Here are some of the staples:

  • Guardian Project: is a unique green draw enchantment that will allow you to draw for each creature you play with a different name from those on the battlefield, or in your graveyard.
  • Beast Whisperer: Whenever you cast a creature spell this creature will let you draw a card. At 4 mana cost the only drawback here is this is a creature itself, and thus easy to remove.
  • Zendikar Resurgent: In addition to doubling your mana, whenever you cast a creature spell draw a card. 

  • Primordial Sage: Whenever you cast a creature spell you may draw a card. That may can be a big deal sometimes!
  • Glimpse of Nature: 1 green mana sorcery that will allow you to draw a card for each creature spell you play that turn.
  • Wall of Blossoms: is an oldie but goodie that at 2 mana value will net you an early defender and a card draw.

  • Heart Warden: An elf mana dork that lets you sacrifice him for 2 colorless to draw a card.
  • Krosan Tusker: A cycle and a search for a basic land card. This guy was a staple in green decks for many years and saw Standard play during his time.
  • Soul of the Harvest: a 6/6 creature for 6 mana cost that lets you draw a card for each other non-token creature you play as it enters the battlefield.

  • Yavimaya Elder: When Yavimaya Elder dies, you may search for up to two basic land cards, put them into your hand, then shuffle your library. You can sacrifice it for 2 mana to draw a card, netting a draw and 2 basic lands.
  • Inspiring Call: Draw a card for each creature with a +1+1 counter on it. Can be useful in green proliferate, or any other strategy that gives your creatures permanent pump counters.
  • Runic Armasaur: A potent dino draw option. This Dinosaur feeds off your opponents’ actions, grabbing you a card every time they use an ability of a land or creature that’s not a mana ability.

  • Ripjaw Raptor: This nasty dinosaur only costs 4 mana, but at 4/5 with a draw for each time it takes damage ability, it comes out early in a green deck and an snag you quite a few cards.
  • Elder Gargaroth: At 6/6 for 5 mana this guy’s pretty good already. Add vigilance, reach, and trample and we have a big beatstick with options, literally. Whenever it attacks or blocks create a 3/3 beast token, gain 3 life, or draw a card.
  • Edgewall Innkeeper: A newer Wilds of Eldraine entry, this card is a creature that will allow you to draw a card whenever you cast a creature with an Adventure.

  • Fall of Gil-galad: This card from 2023’s Lord of the Rings MTG crossover comes into play for 2 mana, but over the course of the saga lets you scry, add a couple +1+1 counters to a creature, and act as a Skullclamp that allows the creature to fight another creature.

Green Creature Power or Toughness Draw Cards

Green excels at converting the power of your creatures into card draws. For instance, Rishkar’s Expertise allows you to draw cards equal to the greatest power among creatures you control.

MTG Rishkar's Expertise card

Similar cards include:

  • Greater Good: Sacrifice a creature to draw cards equal to its power, then discard 3. This enchantment doesn’t tap, it’s a sac outlet that’s always available.
  • Momentous Fall: Sac a creature, draw cards equal to its power and life equal to its toughness, at instant speed. One of the best cards green has to offer for draw power.
  • Life’s Legacy: Sac a creature to draw equal to its power. No other drawbacks here!

  • Werewolf Pack Leader: Attack with creatures that total 6 or more power and this guy will draw you a card. He’s already 3/3 with the ability to pump to 5/3.
  • Soul’s Majesty: 5 mana sorcery, draw cards equal to the power of a creature you control.
  • Colossal Majesty: An extra card each upkeep if you control a 4 or greater powered creature. Pretty easy card draw mechanic for green.

  • Garruk’s Uprising: Whenever a creature with power 4 or greater enters the battlefield under your control draw a card. Also draw as this comes into play and gives your creatures trample.
  • Return of the Wildspeaker: Draw cards equal to the greatest power among non-human creatures you control. Also buffs non-human creatures +3+3 until end of turn.
  • Garruk, Primal Hunter: Planeswalker whose -3 ability allows you to draw cards equal to the greatest power of creatures you control. His +1 and ultimate -6 aren’t too shabby either.

  • Elemental Bond: Enchantment that allows you to draw a card for each creature that enters the battlefield under your control with 3 or higher power. 
  • Last March of the Ents: A little shakeup to this category, this card will draw you cards equal to the greatest TOUGHNESS among creatures you control. Fantastic draw for some green tribes like Treefolk and Spiders.
  • Abzan Beastmaster: Another toughness draw option, draw a card at the beginning of your upkeep if you possess the creature with the highest toughness.

These mechanics make certain that each titanic creature you unleash can echo through your deck as a surge of new possibilities.

Green Token Generation Draw Cards

In green, the production of creature tokens may serve as a fertile ground for drawing cards. With engines like Shamanic Revelation, you can draw a card for each creature that roams your battlefield, translating an army of tokens into an expansive hand.

MTG Shamanic Revelation card

Additional green draw that takes advantage of tokens:

  • Fecundity: Each player draws a card when one of their creatures dies. Not necessarily token only, but token decks can make great use of it. May help your opponents, but especially potent if you have a sac outlet like Life’s Legacy or Skullclamp.

  • Tribute to the World Tree: Depending on the kinds of tokens you’re creating, this could net you cards, or bigger tokens.
  • Regal Force: Enter the battlefield ability to draw a card for each creature you control.

  • Toski, Bearer of Secrets: Squirrel tokens seem to materialize from thin air in a good tribal deck, and with Toski in play every time one of your creatures deals combat damage to your opponent(s) you draw a card.
  • Freyalise, Llanowar’s Fury: Another commander makes the list with her ability to create elf tokens. Her ultimate -6 ability allows you to draw a card for each green creature you control. Bonus! Freyalise can be your commander!

The synergy between the creation of numerous tokens and mechanisms that turn each creature into a card can make your green token deck uniquely prolific in card advantage.

Green Enchantress Cards

Enchantress effects have been with Magic since the beginning. Verduran Enchantress got the fun started all the way back in Alpha, but then along came Argothian EnchantressEnchantress’s Presence

Eidolon of BlossomsElvish Archivist,

Tanglespan Lookout, and Setessan Champion.

Pair these with some choice enchantments and you have the makings of a potent deck in a 60 card or commander format. Think Bequeathal, Keen Senseand Rancor in mono green.

Or some of the best combos come from pairing with white and adding self bouncing enchantments like Flickering Ward and ConvictionSigil of the Empty Throne can build a massive flying army fast from these cheap enchantments, while the enchantresses replenish your hand. 

Other Notable Green Draw Cards

Not every green draw card fits into the above categories. Here are the misfits!

  • Gaea’s Blessing: Provides both recursion and a card draw.
  • Multani’s Presence: Whenever a spell you play is countered, draw a card. Situational but great against counter decks as this enchantment is only 1 green mana to drop.
  • Compost: Whenever a black card is put into an opponent’s graveyard, you may draw a card. The may is useful, the black is situational. You’ll probably a have decent luck running this in a commander deck if you’re playing 4 player style, someone’s bound to have black.

  • Heartwood Storyteller: Whenever a player casts a noncreature spell, all of their opponents may draw a card. Kind of a group hug draw engine, and it will make players pause and weigh their options before playing noncreature spells.
MTG Heartwood Storyteller card

Did we miss any green draw cards that you use regularly? Have a favorite combo that produces green draw? Let us know in the comments!

Now that you have some draw for your green deck, do you need to find a green commander? Or green tutor? Just click through and we can help!

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