100 Best Mono Green Commanders MTG Magic: the Gathering

There’s a tantalizing thrill in revealing your commander, especially when it’s a force of nature like Omnath, Locus of Mana.

The deck, the 99, becomes an extension, a canvas painted with cards like Sol Ring for acceleration, and Eternal Witness for recursion.

The Commander format, where green shines in ramp and resilience, is a testament to the adaptability of mono-green strategies. Let’s take a walk in the woods with the 100 best mono green commanders and the must-have cards that make them legends in the game.

And if you’re just starting your commander journey, we have a guide for that!

Top 10 Mono Green Commanders in MTG Magic: the Gathering

Looking for the best of the best mono-green commanders in Magic? Look no further. The following list of commanders will help you ramp for additional lands, find and drop big creatures, maintain card advantage, and make the most of your EDH mono-green deck.

We’re going to go through the top 100 mono-green commanders per EDHREC, and these 10 are at the top of the food chain. EDHREC lists them with Converted Mana Cost (CMC, aka Mana Value,) Card Name, Card Type, Cost on CardKingdom.com, Cost on TCGPlayer.com, “Salt” score which is a kind of rating of how hated the commander is in the meta, and then the Number of Decks known to use the commander.

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CMCNameTypeCard KingdomTCGPlayerSaltDecks
2Fynn, the FangbearerCreature$0.35$0.090.686731
2Ayula, Queen Among BearsCreature$0.59$0.4504986
3Marwyn, the NurturerCreature$2.99$2.160.354849
3Omnath, Locus of ManaCreature$2.49$1.430.414433
6Gargos, Vicious WatcherCreature$0.79$0.240.194244
3Selvala, Heart of the WildsCreature$10.99$8.180.784232
6Vorinclex, Monstrous RaiderCreature$42.99$39.721.553604
12Ghalta, Primal HungerCreature$2.29$1.390.33331
4Goreclaw, Terror of Qal SismaCreature$0.59$0.330.182672
5Titania, Protector of ArgothCreature$0.99$1.070.32580
  1. Fynn, the Fangbearer: Poisonous is the game with Fynn. He grants any creature with deathtouch the ability to deal poison counters in combat. Meaning, if you can get your deathtouch creatures to connect, you’re only ten strikes away from a win, regardless of your opponent’s life total. A genuine game-changer for green strategies.
  2. Ayula, Queen Among Bears: With Ayula, every bear matters. Each time a bear enters under your control, you get the choice to either put two +1/+1 counters on one bear or make Ayula fight another creature. So, in essence, she’s all about bear proliferation and removal packed into one majestic monarch.
  3. Marwyn, the Nurturer: Marwyn thrives among her elvish kin. For every elf that enters your battlefield, she gets a +1/+1 counter. But that’s not all – she can tap to give you green mana equal to her power. The more elves, the more mana. A perfect synergy for elf-based strategies.
  1. Omnath, Locus of Mana: Omnath’s ability is all about mana retention. Any unspent green mana in your pool stays there, turning Omnath into a growing beast turn after turn. The stored mana isn’t lost between phases, so you can accumulate it over turns and either beef up Omnath or spend it when the timing’s right.
  2. Gargos, Vicious Watcher: Gargos offers a two-pronged approach to the game. Firstly, all your Hydra spells cost four mana less, making them much easier to deploy. Secondly, if a creature you control becomes the target of a spell, Gargos gets to fight any creature you choose, serving as a deterrent and a removal strategy.
  3. Selvala, Heart of the Wilds: Selvala is all about ramp and card advantage. When the biggest creature enters the battlefield, she generates mana equal to its power. Additionally, when you tap her, not only do you get a mana, but if you control the creature with the highest power, you also draw a card. Pure value in a single card.
  1. Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider: Vorinclex’s control of the mana game is unparalleled. When he’s on your side, your lands produce double the mana. On the other hand, any lands your opponents tap don’t untap during their next untap step. A massive swing in resource availability.
  2. Ghalta, Primal Hunger: Ghalta’s power is immense, but her cost can be drastically reduced. She costs X less, where X is the total power of creatures you control. With just a few beefy creatures, you can cast this 12/12 behemoth for peanuts, making her a constant and looming threat.
  1. Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma: Goreclaw simplifies your game plan – get big creatures out faster. She reduces the cost of creature spells with power 4 or greater by 2 mana. Moreover, when she attacks, such creatures also get +1/+1 and trample, amplifying their threat level.
  2. Titania, Protector of Argoth: Lands in your graveyard? Not a problem with Titania. Whenever a land you control goes to the graveyard, she creates a 5/3 elemental. Additionally, when she enters, you can return a land from your graveyard to the battlefield. Land-sacrifice strategies get a significant boost with her around.

Top 11-20 of the 100 best Mono Green Commanders in MTG

Looking for some legends more off the beaten path, but still powerful commanders for green decks? These green cards may be in the second tier, but they still helm many player’s favorite decks. Now that we’re outside the top ten we’ll just choose 3 of these that make a power commander to further discuss.

3Ezuri, Renegade LeaderCreature$6.49$4.330.452577
3Azusa, Lost but SeekingCreature$3.99$3.000.592520
4Baru, WurmspeakerCreature$0.49$0.3202429
5Yedora, Grave GardenerCreature$0.35$0.140.182321
5Aeve, Progenitor OozeCreature$0.49$0.110.252207
4Ruxa, Patient ProfessorCreature$1.49$0.9402113
5Ashaya, Soul of the WildCreature$13.99$9.710.531942
4Toski, Bearer of SecretsCreature$11.99$7.960.611929
3Yisan, the Wanderer BardCreature$0.49$0.190.561916
3Kosei, Penitent WarlordCreature$0.49$0.120.11796

Ezuri, Renegade Leader: Ezuri is the rallying cry for elves. With his power, you can regenerate your elves, ensuring their resilience, or make them grow in strength with each attack. As you amass your elvish army, Ezuri ensures they are a force that can pierce through defenses and withstand adversity.

Ruxa, Patient Professor: Ruxa elevates the game by empowering those without abilities, granting them increased strength. His teachings make vanilla creatures formidable opponents. Under Ruxa’s guidance, your simple creatures become daunting threats, teaching opponents that simplicity is not to be underestimated.

Toski, Bearer of Secrets: Untouched by most removal and turning every unblocked swing into card advantage, Toski, Bearer of Secrets stands out as a formidable mono-green commander. This squirrel isn’t just whimsy; it’s a powerhouse, leveraging green’s strengths and ensuring your hand stays full.

Best 21-30 Mono Green Commanders in MTG Magic: the Gathering

3Titania, Voice of GaeaCreature$7.99$5.2601787
3Kodama of the West TreeCreature$12.99$7.180.241625
5Thrun, Breaker of SilenceCreature$0.49$0.3401596
5Freyalise, Llanowar’s FuryPlaneswalker$1.29$0.940.211376
5Greensleeves, Maro-SorcererCreature$11.99$9.930.161347
4Yeva, Nature’s HeraldCreature$2.99$2.520.31221
6Titania, Nature’s ForceCreature$7.99$9.7901103
3Sasaya, Orochi AscendantCreature$3.49$2.480.281087
5Grothama, All-DevouringCreature$6.99$4.860.041045
3Reki, the History of KamigawaCreature$6.99$5.720.15861

Titania, Voice of Gaea: Titania is deeply intertwined with the land. When a land falls, she calls forth a mighty elemental in its stead. With her at the helm, every land sacrificed or destroyed becomes an opportunity, turning loss into strength and ensuring the land’s voice is always heard.

Kodama of the West Tree: The Kodama has a gift – whenever a permanent enters your battlefield, if it wasn’t the first one this turn, another can follow. This guardian spirit ensures a cascade of plays, allowing you to maximize your moves and create powerful chain reactions that leave opponents reeling.

Freyalise, Llanowar’s Fury: Freyalise is a multifaceted force. She can generate mana by calling forth Llanowar elves, destroy artifacts and enchantments, and even draw you cards. Her versatility ensures that you have the right tool for every situation, making her a linchpin in any strategy.

Top 31-40 Mono Green Commanders in MTG Magic: the Gathering

3Seton, Krosan ProtectorCreature$0.99$1.790.1833
3Legolas, Master ArcherCreature$0.49$0.230741
4Nylea, Keen-EyedCreature$5.49$3.640.17701
4Questing BeastCreature$4.99$4.920.73685
2Shigeki, Jukai VisionaryCreature$0.99$0.360.24676
3Yorvo, Lord of GarenbrigCreature$0.49$0.200.12660
4Thrun, the Last TrollCreature$2.29$1.680.25660
7Fangorn, Tree ShepherdCreature$0.49$0.110658
7Zopandrel, Hunger DominusCreature$7.99$6.490650
6Grunn, the Lonely KingCreature$0.35$0.170.15643

Seton, Krosan Protector: Seton’s essence lies in empowering druids. With every druid under your command, he accelerates your mana generation, turning each druid into a living conduit of magical energy. Harnessing this, Seton ensures that your strategies unfold with speed and potency, drawing strength from the collective spirit of the Krosan druids.

Questing Beast: The Questing Beast is a formidable combatant, carrying multiple abilities that baffle adversaries. Not only does it deal combat damage even through defenders, but it also ensures your opponents can’t shield themselves with pesky blockers. With the beast leading your forces, every attack becomes a perplexing riddle for foes.

Grunn, the Lonely King: Grunn’s might is magnified when he battles alone. If he attacks without companions, his power and toughness double, turning him into a gargantuan force. Guided by Grunn, your strategy is clear—harness the power of solitude and deliver crushing blows that resonate with a king’s authority.

Top 41-50 Mono Green Commanders in MTG Magic: the Gathering

3Nissa, Resurgent AnimistCreature$32.99$20.150621
3Nissa, Vastwood SeerCreature$4.49$3.350.16602
6Multani, Yavimaya’s AvatarCreature$2.29$1.800.18570
2Jolrael, Mwonvuli RecluseCreature$0.49$0.140.15563
4Mowu, Loyal CompanionCreature$0.35$0.110528
2Eladamri, Lord of LeavesCreature$54.99$59.990.43518
12Thrasta, Tempest’s RoarCreature$1.29$1.020.08517
Gilanra, Caller of Wirewood // Kodama of the East Tree513
3Runadi, Behemoth CallerCreature$5.49$5.150505

Nissa, Resurgent Animist: Nissa’s bond with the land is unparalleled. Her abilities channel the energies of the lands you control, transforming them into formidable creatures. With Nissa’s guidance, the terrain itself rises in defiance, turning every patch of land into potential allies ready to defend their animist.

Eladamri, Lord of Leaves: Eladamri cloaks your elves in mystery. Granting them both forestwalk and shroud, he ensures they remain elusive and safe from targeted threats. With Eladamri’s protection, your elven forces navigate the battlefield unhindered, a silent force ready to strike from the verdant depths.

Gilanra, Caller of Wirewood // Kodama of the East Tree: Gilanra’s chants usher in mana and card draw with each spell of significant mana cost, while the Kodama ensures that every permanent entering your battlefield invites another. Their combined might offers a symphony of resourcefulness and replication, ensuring your deck flourishes with opportunities at every turn.

Top 51-75 Mono Green Commanders in MTG Magic: the Gathering

6Kogla, the Titan ApeCreature$2.79$0.860.41482
5Kura, the Boundless SkyCreature$2.49$1.940.11464
6Seshiro the AnointedCreature$0.99$1.520.24462
8Vorinclex, Voice of HungerCreature$5.49$4.192.6445
3Gwenna, Eyes of GaeaCreature$3.99$2.080442
4Doric, Nature’s WardenCreature$32.99$24.820436
3Rhonas the IndomitableCreature$4.49$3.040.14411
4Saryth, the Viper’s FangCreature$2.99$2.280.33403
7Old GnawboneCreature$29.99$22.321.41401
4Renata, Called to the HuntCreature$0.35$0.050.1396
3Varis, Silverymoon RangerCreature$0.49$0.170.13365
1Oviya Pashiri, Sage LifecrafterCreature$0.35$0.050.06363
6Kamahl, Fist of KrosaCreature$0.99$0.650.09362
6Multani, Maro-SorcererCreature$3.99$6.450.07352
6Surrak and GoreclawCreature$3.99$4.570302
5Jolrael, Empress of BeastsCreature$0.79$0.750.2281
8Patron of the OrochiCreature$4.99$5.810.11269
4Sachi, Daughter of SeshiroCreature$0.35$0.290.04266
9The TarrasqueCreature$4.49$3.420.21250
4Radagast the BrownCreature$1.29$0.920247
4Imaryll, Elfhame EliteCreature$11.99$7.180.33246
Kamahl, Heart of Krosa // Kodama of the East Tree233
3Rishkar, Peema RenegadeCreature$0.39$0.150.14232
4Arasta of the Endless WebCreature$0.49$0.200.19220
3Hua Tuo, Honored PhysicianCreature$0.79$0.340.1219

Kogla, the Titan Ape: Kogla’s might extends beyond brute force. With a swing of his powerful fists, he can destroy artifacts and enchantments, clearing obstacles from your path. His loyalty to his allies is evident, as he can rescue and rejuvenate other creatures by returning them to safety. Guided by Kogla, your deck thrives on adaptability, leveraging his strengths to respond to threats dynamically.

Old Gnawbone: With every assault from Old Gnawbone, riches flow. Every time one of your creatures deals combat damage, she manifests treasure tokens, turning each strike into a bounty of mana. Guided by this ancient dragon, your strategies are fueled by abundance, ensuring you always have resources at your disposal.

Jolrael, Empress of Beasts: Jolrael’s dominion over nature is absolute. With a mere command, she can awaken lands, turning them into ferocious creatures. But her power doesn’t stop there; she can also magnify the wrath of nature, amplifying damage to opponents. With Jolrael’s guidance, the land itself becomes a formidable army.

Best 76-100 Mono Green Commanders in MTG Magic: the Gathering

Coming up on the end of the list, but there are still some great commanders available! And when they’re not as well known, it’s much less likely the other players are scheming against them, at least the first few times you crack that deck box.

8Sekki, Seasons’ GuideCreature$1.49$1.900211
4Nylea, God of the HuntCreature$6.49$4.900.14192
3Arwen, Weaver of HopeCreature$8.99$10.690188
2Wilson, Refined GrizzlyCreature$0.35$0.070.26185
6Nemata, Grove GuardianCreature$0.35$0.050177
2Melira, Sylvok OutcastCreature$3.99$2.070.14177
3Peregrin TookCreature$0.35$0.180150
6Verdeloth the AncientCreature$0.35$0.110.08138
5Anthousa, Setessan HeroCreature$0.49$0.090.18136
6Masumaro, First to LiveCreature$0.99$0.940132
3Isao, Enlightened BushiCreature$1.49$1.090.05131
4Glissa SunseekerCreature$0.99$1.080.33129
4Kolvori, God of KinshipCreature$0.49$0.230.05127
3Dosan the Falling LeafCreature$8.99$7.780.65118
6Old One EyeCreature$1.79$1.000118
4Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf DaenCreature$0.79$0.510.16116
2Syr Faren, the HengehammerCreature$0.35$0.080.06115
Gilanra, Caller of Wirewood // Kamahl, Heart of Krosa115
7Molimo, Maro-SorcererCreature$0.35$0.060.06113
5Kodama of the Center TreeCreature$0.49$0.400.1109
7Bounteous KirinCreature$0.69$0.400107
3Shizuko, Caller of AutumnCreature$3.49$3.320.05104
5God-Eternal RhonasCreature$5.99$4.690.29103
5Baru, Fist of KrosaCreature$0.79$0.660102
6Sakiko, Mother of SummerCreature$0.49$0.240.1997

Nylea, God of the Hunt: Nylea’s divine prowess grants your creatures trample, ensuring they barrel through defenses with ease. Furthermore, her divine essence can provide a speed boost, making creatures more agile. Under Nylea’s watchful gaze, your deck embodies the relentless pursuit of the hunt, chasing down foes with unmatched fervor.

Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer: Molimo’s might is directly linked to the lands you control. His power and toughness reflect the vastness of your controlled terrain. Every forest, mountain, and plain amplifies his essence. With Molimo at your side, your deck emphasizes the bond between land and magic, harnessing the full potential of nature.

God-Eternal Rhonas: Rhonas’s eternal form is an epitome of endurance. When he enters the battlefield, he invigorates your forces, doubling their power and toughness for the turn. And even when defeated, Rhonas’s eternal nature ensures he returns, shuffled into your library, ready to be called upon again. With God-Eternal Rhonas leading, your deck is imbued with undying might and relentless vigor.

That covers the list of top 100 commanders currently in use, but we haven’t yet taken a look at the top cards to consider for your 99. Without further ado:

Top 3 Enchantments for Mono Green Commander MTG Magic: the Gathering

Time to pay homage to mono-green enchantments – the mystical spells that linger. These enchantments weave the very essence of nature into your mono-green Commander deck. 

  1. Sylvan Library: With Sylvan Library, every draw step becomes a tantalizing dance of choice and consequence. Draw extra cards at the cost of life or strategize your future draws. Every turn, it offers a glimpse into the vast knowledge of the green realm, ensuring you’re never starved for options. A mono-green commander deck without this library is like a treefolk without its roots..
  2. Garruk’s Uprising: Feel the primal roar of nature’s might! Garruk’s Uprising is not just an enchantment; it’s a declaration of dominance. When you control a creature with power 4 or greater, not only do you draw a card, but all your creatures gain trample, crashing through defenses like a stampede of Rhoxes. It’s like having a personal herald in the mold of Garruk himself, celebrating each mighty beast you summon.
  3. Wild Growth: At first glance, it might seem like a simple spell, but don’t discount the profound impact it can have! Wild Growth is the whisper of the winds in the early game, quietly but steadily accelerating your mana. This enchantment embodies the very spirit of growth and prosperity, ensuring your spells and creatures always have the nourishing mana they crave.

Top 3 Instants for Mono Green Commander MTG Magic: the Gathering

Let’s turn our attention to the spells that are as quick as a flash and as impactful as a Vorinclex on an open board. Instants, my dear planeswalkers, are the lifeblood of response, the unpredictable twist in the tale of a fierce magic duel. Armed with these instants, your mono-green Commander deck transforms from a formidable force to an unstoppable juggernaut.

  1. Beast Within: Ever had one of those moments where an opponent’s pesky permanent, be it a Planeswalker on the brink of an ultimate or an enchantment wreaking havoc, just needed to be dealt with? Enter Beast Within, the essence of green’s wild adaptability. It ruthlessly destroys any permanent and in its wake leaves a mere 3/3 beast.  It’s a green army knife, ready to adapt and overcome.
  2. Heroic Intervention: The bane of every green deck: board wipes. Nothing stings like watching your army of green giants or tiny tokens get swept away by a Wrath of God. But fear not, for Heroic Intervention is your trusty sentinel, your guardian in the shadows. With this in your arsenal, you grant your entire team hexproof and indestructible until end of turn.
  3. Return of the Wildspeaker: Whether you’re looking to draw cards equal to the greatest power among creatures you control, or give your non-human creatures a +3/+3 boost, this versatile spell caters to your heart’s desires. It’s like having a Harmonize and an Overrun all wrapped into one.

Top 3 Non-Legendary Creatures for Mono Green Commander MTG Magic: the Gathering

These creatures are the cornerstones of many mono-green Commander decks. Two of these are not just cards, but cherished memories from the beginning of Magic itself. The last offers a way to bring back green’s best cards after they inevitably perish.

  1. Birds of Paradise: Flitting through the canopies of Magic’s rich history is this graceful avian, a beacon of mana efficiency. For a single green mana, Birds of Paradise soars onto the battlefield, ready to tap for any color of mana. While it won’t deal much damage, it does offer something not many green creatures do, the ability to block a flyer when needed!
  2. Eternal Witness: A recursion spell with the bonus of a body. Every time an Eternal Witness graces the battlefield, it’s like the very soul of Yavimaya reaches out, offering a second chance. This stalwart guardian lets you retrieve any card from your graveyard to your hand, be it a fallen comrade or a spent spell. In the ever-twisting plots of a Commander game, she’s the unsung hero, ensuring that your best plays get an encore.
  3. Llanowar Elves: As ancient as the game itself, these diligent mana-dorks are the first drop of many a commander deck boasting the color green. For just one green mana, Llanowar Elves stand ready to provide another. Looking for that early ramp to quickly drop your powerful commander on the board? Drop a Llanowar Elves and get that fun commander out early.

Top 3 Sorceries for Mono Green Commander MTG Magic: the Gathering

For the uninitiated, tapping into the vast mana resources is akin to feeling the heartbeat of the Multiverse, and there’s no better sensation than seeing your forests multiply like Squirrel tokens. Below are the triumvirate of green ramp spells, the backbone of any self-respecting mono-green Commander deck.

  1. Cultivate: This card allows you to search your library for two basic land cards, planting one onto the battlefield tapped and the other safely in your hand. Think of it as being your very own Yavimaya Elder, guiding your mana base. It’s a systematic growth, a 2-for-1 deal, ensuring you don’t miss out on a land drop and providing a consistent foundation for those hefty green creatures and spells.
  2. Rampant Growth: If Cultivate is your Yavimaya Elder, then Rampant Growth is the spry Elvish Mystic, eager to jump into the fray. For a mere two mana, this card fetches you a land straight onto the battlefield. No frills, just pure, unadulterated ramp. It’s like having a mana dork without the fear of creature removal. In the early game, Rampant Growth is your ticket to jumping ahead, and in the world of Commander, an early edge is often the difference between defeat and watching your opponents cower before your Might of Oaks enhanced behemoths.
  3. Kodama’s Reach: Now, here’s a tale from the heart of Kamigawa. Kodama’s Reach, in essence, is Cultivate’s spiritual twin. Same cost, same effect, but with a rich lore flavor. A mono-green commander deck without Kodama’s Reach is like a Regal Force without its Elf entourage – lacking, my friends, just lacking. So, whether you’re in for the flavor or the function, Kodama’s Reach is an essential inclusion.

Top 3 Planeswalkers for Mono Green Commander MTG Magic: the Gathering

These Planeswalkers are more than just powerful cards; they’re strategic cornerstones for mono-green Commander decks. With them at your side, your gameplay gains depth, strategy, and a hint of unpredictability.

  1. Garruk, Primal Hunter: Garruk, ever the embodiment of green’s ferocity, stands tall as an essential addition. His prowess to churn out beast tokens boosts your board presence. But it’s his card-drawing mechanism that truly stands out – a reflection of drawing deeply from nature’s bounty. In essence, Garruk offers both creature depth and card advantage, core tenets of green’s strength.
  2. Nissa, Who Shakes the World: Nissa’s synergy with lands is what makes her stand out. With her, forests don’t merely tap for mana; they double up. Her knack for animating lands into elemental creatures? It’s like tapping into the latent energy of the land itself, giving your board a dynamic and flexible approach.
  3. Vivien, Champion of the Wilds: Vivien brings a unique tactical edge. By granting your creatures flash, she introduces an element of surprise to your gameplay. Her scrying ability, though subtle, can be a game-changer, helping you strategize and stay one step ahead.

Top 3 Mana Rocks for Mono Green Commander MTG Magic: the Gathering

 There’s no denying the power of these mana rocks. When utilized right, they harmonize perfectly with our verdant strategies. Sol Ring obviously belongs here as well and for good reason, but it’s a staple in pretty much every color so we’ll stick to more green-specific options.

  1. The Great Henge: This colossal relic isn’t just a mana rock; it’s a powerhouse. The Great Henge effortlessly reduces its own casting cost when you control beefy creatures (which, let’s face it, is a green specialty). Once on the battlefield, it not only boosts your mana generation but also grants you life and card draw each time you summon a creature. Think of it as nature’s bounty, captured in artifact form, ready to nourish every facet of your game.
  2. Jade Orb of Dragonkind: Gleaming with the vitality of both verdant forests and draconic might, the Jade Orb of Dragonkind stands as a testament to green’s raw power and majesty. Not only does it provide that essential green mana, but when this energy is channeled to beckon dragons to your side, they arrive with bolstered strength and a protective aura. Each dragon, infused with the orb’s magic, not only gains additional might in the form of +1/+1 counters but also a shield of hexproof, safeguarding them from your opponents’ meddling spells and abilities. 
  3. Tangleroot: A beautiful representation of nature’s cyclical flow. Every time you summon a creature, this artifact rewards you by replenishing your mana reservoir, echoing the age-old adage of giving and receiving. It encourages a proactive playstyle, where each creature cast is not just a tactical move but a mini ramp spell in disguise. In a mono-green deck known for its plethora of creatures, Tangleroot becomes a consistent source of extra mana, ensuring you’re never truly tapped out and always have resources at hand to spring surprises or further your board state.

Top 3 Artifacts for Mono Green Commander MTG Magic: the Gathering

Here come those gleaming relics that, while not innately green, blend seamlessly with our verdant strategies: artifacts. When thoughtfully chosen, these treasures can enhance a mono-green deck, amplifying its inherent strengths and patching up potential weaknesses. 

  1. Lifecrafter’s Bestiary: A tome imbued with the essence of the wilds, Lifecrafter’s Bestiary ensures you never run dry on options. At the start of your upkeep, you get a glimpse of your next draw, allowing you to strategize. And whenever you cast a creature spell, a small green mana investment lets you draw a card. It’s like having a nature guide by your side, narrating the tales of beasts yet to come.
  2. Conduit of Worlds: A magnificent blend of green’s affinity for lands and rebirth, Conduit of Worlds seamlessly bridges the past and the present on the battlefield. This artifact allows you to play lands from your graveyard, mirroring the recycling energies of nature. It has the unique ability to resurrect nonland permanents from the graveyard (as long as it’s the only spell you cast that turn). This artifact, in essence, gives a mono-green Commander deck flexibility and depth, allowing you to maximize the potential of every card, even those that have seen their initial moment in the sun. 
  3. Birthing Pod: Birthing Pod is the epitome of nature’s cycle of life, death, and rebirth. For a modest phyrexian mana and a creature sacrifice, this artifact fetches you another creature from your library, just a notch higher in cost. 

Top 3 Non-Basic Lands for Mono Green Commander MTG Magic: the Gathering

Incorporate these lands into your mono-green Commander deck and you’re not just adding to your mana base. You’re infusing your strategy with depth, surprise, and raw power. We should note that if Gaea’s Cradle wasn’t an $850 card, it would probably be on this list, but it’s in far fewer decks than these 3 mostly because of the monetary cost.

  1. Boseiju, Who Endures: This revered land resonates with a green mage’s core value: resilience. Boseiju ensures that when you channel its energy into your spells, they stand tall against the counterspells and tricks of blue mages or any other disruptive foes. It’s like planting a tree with deep roots; no gust or storm (or counter) can shake it.
  2. Mosswort Bridge: The bridge’s Hideaway ability lets you stash away a card, only to be unleashed when you command a significant presence on the battlefield – something green mages excel at. Think of it as nature’s hidden alcove, where secrets and strategies lie in wait, ready to be unleashed when the forest deems it time.
  3. Castle Garenbrig: Castle Garenbrig is the heart of green’s inherent might, amplifying the raw power of the forests. With it, you can harness your lands, transforming modest amounts of mana into a surge of green energy. In essence, it’s the land equivalent of a mana dork on steroids.

Best Mono Green Combos for Commander in MTG Magic: the Gathering

Mono-green Commander is a haven for numerous powerful interactions, particularly those related to ramping up mana, dropping bigger creatures, or generating a vast number of tokens. Here are some of the most notorious and potent mono-green combos per EDHREC that you can incorporate into your deck:

  1. Infinite Mana with Priest of Titania + Staff of Domination:
    • Combo Pieces: Priest of Titania + Staff of Domination + at least 5 elves on the board. Works best in an Elf tribal deck.
    • How it Works: If the Priest is able to drop at least 5 green in your mana pool then you can use Staff’s 3rd ability to untap the priest and its first ability to untap the staff, leaving one left over, and creating an infinite mana loop to use on whatever else you wish (staff’s other abilities, your main win conditions etc.)
    • Note: This combo will also work with the Staff of Domination + any of the following under the right circumstances: Marwyn, the Nurturer, Elvish Archdruid, Circle of Dreams Druid, Selvala, Heart of the Wilds, Wirewood Channeler, and Karametra’s Acolyte among others. Several of these aren’t for typal elf decks!
  1. Infinite Enter the Battlefield and Leave the Battlefield triggers, infinite Storm, and infinite Landfall from Ashaya, Soul of the Wild + Quirion Ranger:
    • Combo Pieces: Ashaya, Soul of the Wild + Quirion Ranger + any other non-token creature without summoning sickness.
    • How it Works: Tap the random nontoken creature for a green mana using the gift Ashaya has bestowed on them. Use Quirion Ranger’s ability, returning itself to your hand. Recast Quirion Ranger using the green mana produced by the other creature. Repeat. Who needs extra land drops when you can just keep dropping the same “land!”
  1. Infinite Squirrels with Scurry Oak + Ivy Lane Denizen:
    • Combo Pieces: This combo requires Ivy Lane Denizen on the board, Scurry Oak in your hand, and an available 1 green and 2 colorless mana.
    • How it Works: Play Scurry Oak triggering Ivy Lane Denizen‘s +1+1 counter and place it on Scurry Oak, creating a 1/1 squirrel token. When squirrel token comes into play place the next +1+1 counter again on Scurry Oak, creating another tiny bushy-tailed wrecking ball. Repeat as many times as needed!
  1. Infinite Mana with Elvish Archdruid + Umbral Mantle:
    • Combo Pieces: Elvish Archdruid able to create at least 4 mana + Umbral Mantle
    • How it Works: Equip Umbral Mantle to Elvish Archdruid. Tap Archdruid for at least 4 mana, then using 3 of it, untap it with the Umbral Mantle ability, creating an infinite mana loop and infinite +2+2 on your Archdruid!
    • Note: This also works with all the other creatures that can produce considerable amounts of mana mentioned in Combo 1.
  1. Prevent all damage that would be dealt to you with Azusa, Lost but Seeking + Glacial Chasm + Ramunap Excavator (or Crucible of Worlds, or Conduit of Worlds):
    • Combo Pieces: Azusa, Lost but Seeking + Glacial Chasm + at least one other Land + Ramunap Excavator
    • How it Works: With Azusa and Ramunap in play, play Glacial Chasm from hand or graveyard, sacrificing the other land for its ETB. On your next turn, sacrifice Glacial Chasm instead of paying the upkeep, then replay both it and the land you sacrificed. This combo will loop forever until a piece is destroyed or you stop it, and it doesn’t even affect your normal land drops!

When building a mono-green Commander deck with these combos, it’s crucial to also include ways to find these pieces (like tutors, draw, etc.) and ways to capitalize on the infinite resources you’re generating. Whether you’re aiming for a big finisher spell with infinite mana or overwhelming your opponents with an unstoppable army of tokens, always remember the core green principle: go big or go home! 

Which is your favorite mono green commander and why? Let us know in the comments.

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