MTG Giada, Font of Hope artwork

100 Best Mono White Commanders MTG Magic: the Gathering EDH

So you want to build a mono-white EDH Commander deck. Then you’ve landed in the right spot! As we’ll peruse the current top 100 best mono-white commanders being played among MTG pods, and all of the best spells, enchantments, Planeswalkers, artifacts, lands, and combos that mono white commanders can take advantage of.

My first mono-white deck probably looked like a lot of mid-90s mono-white, filled with White Knight, Serra Angel, and Wrath of God.

I grew to love white for its ability to play the game any way you want. It can excel at speed with White Weenie. It can sit back and wait for the perfect time to decimate the board and then drop game-ending creatures or combos. It has fun tribes/types like humans, soldiers, and angels, and legendary creatures to be reviled and feared. It can gain life with the best of them, has fantastic interaction with artifacts, and some of the strongest enchantments in the game. If each color were stored in a toolbox, white would need an industrial SnapOn to hold all of its tricks.

If you’re a commander beginner we have a guide to show you the ropes.

EDHREC keeps tabs on the top mono-white commanders currently in use among its decklists, and we thank them for the opportunity to peruse that list and deep dive on several!

Top 10 Mono White Commanders in MTG Magic: the Gathering

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EDHREC breaks their list down by Converted Mana Cost (CMC), Card Name, Card Type, Current Price on Card Kingdom, Current Price on, Salt score which is a measurement of how “salty” this card is perceived, and how many deck lists they have in their database that the commander helms. Here’s the top 10!

CMCNameTypeCard KingdomTCGPlayerSaltDecks
2Giada, Font of HopeCreature$3.49 $2.06 0.311365
2Light-Paws, Emperor’s VoiceCreature$1.49 $0.83 0.47676
5Elesh Norn, Mother of MachinesCreature$27.99 $18.42 04427
4Myrel, Shield of ArgiveCreature$20.99 $12.27 03833
3Heliod, Sun-CrownedCreature$12.99 $11.83 0.93077
3Adeline, Resplendent CatharCreature$9.49 $7.87 0.32598
6Darien, King of KjeldorCreature$4.49 $3.53 0.32594
5God-Eternal OketraCreature$5.99 $5.22 0.32145
8Avacyn, Angel of HopeCreature$42.99 $32.24 1.42000
4Balan, Wandering KnightCreature$0.49 $0.35 0.21968

Giada, Font of Hope is the Top Mono-White Commander in MTG Magic: the Gathering

Giada, Font of Hope is one of the best commanders in the game of Magic. It’s no wonder this legendary creature is tops among mono-white decks. Giada has swiftly etched her name into the annals of Commander greatness. But why, you ask? Let’s dive deep into this luminary’s allure, shall we?

Giada’s Glittering Gifts:

  • Ethereal Form: With a modest cost of just two mana, one being white, Giada makes her presence known on the battlefield. As a Legendary Angel, she embodies both power and grace, soaring with flying and remaining ever vigilant with her vigilance trait. A 2/2 creature by default, she seems humble in stature but hides the potential for immense power.
  • A Choir of Angels: Giada’s true strength lies in her ability to amplify the might of her celestial kin. Every Angel you summon thereafter is bathed in her radiant hope, growing stronger for each Angel that has come before. This exponential growth can lead to a formidable army of Angels, each echoing the power of the ones that preceded them, creating an escalating wave of power that can overwhelm any adversary.
  • Divine Conduit: Giada is not just a warrior; she’s a conduit of heavenly energy. With a mere tap, she channels white mana, dedicated solely for the summoning of Angelic entities. This ensures that her celestial choir keeps growing, each member resonating with her divine empowerment.
  • Echoes of Legend: The flavor text hints at the lore surrounding Giada. The Cabaretti’s Halo, a legendary artifact, draws its power from this seemingly unassuming teenager. A testament to the idea that profound strength can often come from the most unexpected sources.
  • A Leader Among Commanders: Giada’s synergistic abilities, coupled with her efficient mana cost, make her a favored choice as a mono-white commander. Players can build their decks around her, capitalizing on her angel-enhancing abilities. With Giada at the helm, every Angel becomes a more formidable threat, creating a strategy that is as cohesive as it is powerful.

Giada’s Greatest Allies:

Given Giada’s unique attributes and strengths as a mono-white commander focused on Angel synergy, here are some cards and combos that can be particularly effective when paired with her:

1. Angel Synergies:

  • Resplendent Angel: This Angel can create additional Angel tokens with lifelink if you gain a certain amount of life in a turn, which will then benefit from Giada’s abilities.
  • Baneslayer Angel: A powerful Angel in its own right, it becomes even more formidable with additional +1/+1 counters.
  • Angel of Destiny: Given the likely lifegain in an Angel-themed deck, this card can set up alternative win conditions.
  • Lyra Dawnbringer: Not only does Lyra give other Angels you control +1/+1, but she also gives them lifelink, which synergizes perfectly with Giada’s buff.

2. Mana Ramp and Utility:

  • Land Tax: Ensures you hit your land drops consistently, providing a steady flow of white mana for your Angels.
  • Caged Sun: Amplifies your white mana production and buffs your creatures.
  • Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx: Given that your devotion to white will likely be high in this deck, Nykthos can offer significant mana ramp.

3. Supportive Spells:

  • Herald’s Horn: Reduces the casting cost of Angels and offers potential card advantage.
  • Vanquisher’s Banner: Another source of card draw and a buff for your Angels.
  • Defy Death: When casting it, not only will you bring back an Angel from the graveyard, but that Angel will enter with two additional +1/+1 counters because of the spell, further amplified by Giada.

4. Combos:

  • Luminarch Ascension: This card allows you to create Angel tokens rapidly, all of which will benefit immensely from Giada’s abilities.
  • Bishop of Wings + Divine Visitation: Bishop of Wings will gain you life and create Spirit tokens when Angels die. If you have Divine Visitation on the field, those Spirit tokens will instead be 4/4 Angels, which synergize further with Giada.

5. Protection and Resilience:

  • Selfless Spirit: This card can protect your Angel army from board wipes.
  • Emeria, The Sky Ruin: In the late game, this can be a great way to bring back Angels from the graveyard every turn.

Building around Giada, Font of Hope requires not only focusing on Angel synergies but also ensuring that the deck has adequate protection, card advantage, and mana ramp. With these cards and combos, Giada can lead a powerful and harmonious chorus of Angels to victory!

Top 2 Through 10 Mono White Commanders in MTG Magic: the Gathering

There are plenty of popular choices among the rest of the mono white top 10:

  1. Light-Paws, Emperor’s Voice: This majestic entity is not just a commander but a symphony of strategy and subtlety. Light-Paws offers the gift of flickering, allowing you to momentarily exile a creature only to have it return, retriggering all its delicious enter-the-battlefield effects. It’s like listening to a beautiful refrain that keeps coming back, each time with a new twist. Add the power to grant your other creatures indestructible, and Light-Paws becomes a beacon of hope, guiding your army through the darkest of storms. A commander that embraces both offense and defense? Pure elegance!
  2. Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines: The name itself sends shivers down many a player’s spine. Elesh Norn is not just a commander; she’s a proclamation of dominance. Boosting your creatures while simultaneously weakening your foes is like being on both ends of a seesaw, effortlessly controlling the balance. In the landscape of MTG, where board presence is king, Elesh Norn ensures your kingdom remains unchallenged. Her presence is akin to a masterful conductor leading an orchestra, where every note, every instrument, plays to her tune.
  3. Myrel, Shield of Argive: Ah, Myrel! A bastion of defense in a world fraught with dangers. With Myrel at the helm, every creature becomes a potential guardian, transforming into walls that defend your life total with unparalleled zeal. But don’t let the defensive stance fool you. With the ability to bolster the strength of these walls, Myrel can turn the tide, making these guardians into formidable attackers. It’s like watching a fortress transform into a juggernaut, rolling forward with unstoppable momentum.
  1. Heliod, Sun-Crowned: In the celestial spheres of MTG, Heliod stands as the epitome of divine brilliance. A god among mortals, his ability to dish out +1/+1 counters each time you gain life is a testament to his benevolence. But it’s his second ability that truly illuminates his grandeur – giving lifelink at a mere two mana? It’s as if the sun itself descends to bathe your creatures in its golden embrace. In a mono-white deck, where life gain shines brightest, Heliod stands as the Sun-Crowned jewel, harmonizing perfectly with countless strategies.
  2. Adeline, Resplendent Catha: The dazzling dance of Adeline on the battlefield is nothing short of poetry in motion. With her power growing with each creature that joins the fray on your side, she embodies the very spirit of unity. But wait, there’s more! Every combat, she brings forth a vigilant comrade, echoing the tales of legendary leaders rallying their troops. In the grand theatre of Commander, where board presence can dictate the cadence of the game, Adeline strides forth, a beacon of hope and relentless growth.
  3. Darien, King of Kjeldor: Ah, the stoic king from the frosty realms of Kjeldor! Darien takes a unique approach to leadership. In a world where life loss can be a commander’s bane, Darien spins it into a boon. For each point of damage you take, he summons forth a loyal soldier to join your ranks. It’s like watching a phoenix rise from the ashes, turning moments of vulnerability into opportunities. Paired with cards that embrace self-harm for benefits, Darien’s strategy becomes a riveting waltz of pain and power.
  1. God-Eternal Oketra: From the shimmering sands of Amonkhet, Oketra strides forth, not just as a deity, but as an unyielding emblem of resilience. Each time you summon another creature, she bestows upon you a 4/4 black Zombie Warrior token with vigilance. It’s like the very sands morphing into warriors at her beck and call. And should she fall? Fear not! For she returns, tucked into your library, ever-ready to rise again. In the grand chessboard of Commander, God-Eternal Oketra is the queen, constantly pressuring foes with an undying spirit and an ever-growing army.
  2. Avacyn, Angel of Hope: The very name Avacyn resonates with an aura of protection and majesty. As she graces the battlefield with her celestial presence, every other permanent you control is bathed in her divine shield, gaining indestructible. It’s like standing amidst a tempest, yet feeling not a drop of rain, as Avacyn becomes your impenetrable umbrella. In the volatile realm of Commander, where board wipes and targeted removals are as common as clouds in the sky, Avacyn ensures your board stands tall, untouched by the storms.
  3. Balan, Wandering Knight: The tales of knights often sing of valor, honor, and unyielding strength. Balan embodies all this and more. With an innate ability to equip all Auras and Equipment at a mere cost, Balan becomes not just a knight, but a veritable juggernaut. Imagine a skilled blacksmith, forging weapon after weapon, and with a single deft motion, Balan adorns them all, ready for combat. In an Equipment-centric deck, Balan’s prowess is unparalleled, transforming into a formidable force that can challenge even the mightiest foes.

Best 11-20 Mono White Commanders in MTG Magic: the Gathering

Now that we’re outside the top ten we’ll take a closer look at 3 of each of the following lists until we’re through the top 100. Here’s a selection from 11 through 20:

2Oswald FiddlebenderCreature$0.99 $1.48 0.41960
4Preston, the VanisherCreature$10.99 $6.63 01943
2Sram, Senior EdificerCreature$0.79 $0.32 0.31839
4Odric, Lunarch MarshalCreature$0.99 $0.29 0.31669
7Elesh Norn, Grand CenobiteCreature$11.99 $8.69 1.71641
4Teshar, Ancestor’s ApostleCreature$0.35 $0.14 0.31615
4Mondrak, Glory DominusCreature$32.99 $23.79 01531
7Sephara, Sky’s BladeCreature$1.29 $0.69 0.41215
2Eight-and-a-Half-TailsCreature$0.49 $0.12 0.31211
4Elesh NornCreature$7.49 $5.23 01150
  • Oswald Fiddlebender: The ingenious tinkerer! Oswald’s mastery over artifacts is unparalleled. With the mere tap of his fingers, he can sacrifice an artifact to summon forth another, one mana cost higher, straight from the deck. Imagine a master conductor effortlessly moving from one note to a higher, creating a symphony of artifacts that perfectly suit the rhythm of the game. In a world where artifacts can dictate the flow of battle, Oswald stands as the maestro, orchestrating a magnum opus of metallic might.
  • Sram, Senior Edificer: Sram, the sage of strategies! Every time you cast an aura, equipment, or vehicle, this venerable virtuoso rewards you with a card draw. Think of him as a wise old storyteller; every tale (or card) he narrates is a result of your actions, your plays. In the realm of Commander, where card advantage is the key to unlocking victory, Sram ensures your hand never runs dry, offering a continuous flow of options and possibilities.
  • Odric, Lunarch Marshal: The grand marshal of synergies! Odric’s unique ability to share keyword abilities among your creatures is nothing short of spectacular. It’s like witnessing a grand parade where each participant lends their flair to their neighbor, creating a spectacle of unified might. Flying, lifelink, first strike – whatever one has, all shall share under Odric’s watchful gaze. In a mono-white deck that celebrates unity and collective strength, Odric ensures that every creature marches to the same glorious beat.

Top 21-30 Mono White Commanders in MTG Magic: the Gathering

21 through 30 offer several high value, less played commanders:

5Gandalf the WhiteCreature$6.99 $6.11 01122
5Lyra DawnbringerCreature$4.99 $4.43 0.21088
3Kemba, Kha RegentCreature$0.35 $0.15 0.21066
1Skrelv, Defector MiteCreature$3.49 $2.38 01065
5Celestine, the Living SaintCreature$10.99 $10.15 0947
6Evra, Halcyon WitnessCreature$0.49 $0.10 0.1781
5Ao, the Dawn SkyCreature$2.79 $1.53 0.2747
4Zeriam, Golden WindCreature$0.59 $0.08 0.1730
7Bruna, the Fading LightCreature$2.29 $3.08 0.2703
5Nahiri, the LithomancerPlaneswalker$0.49 $0.53 0.2689
  • Lyra Dawnbringer: Ascending from the skies with wings outspread, Lyra stands as a beacon of hope and strength. As a formidable angel with flying, first strike, and lifelink, she not only commands the skies but also boosts her fellow seraphs, granting them +1/+1. Imagine a choir where one voice, powerful and resonant, uplifts all others, creating a harmonious crescendo. In an Angel-themed deck, Lyra is that leading voice, turning every aerial assault into a symphony of damage and life gain.
  • Kemba, Kha Regent: The regal feline queen, Kemba, is an embodiment of empowerment through adornment. Each equipment fastened to her not only enhances her prowess but also spawns a 2/2 Cat token at the beginning of your upkeep. It’s as if every piece of armor or weapon she dons inspires tales and legends, birthing new warriors ready to heed her call. In a deck brimming with equipment, Kemba stands as a beacon, multiplying her might and turning each artifact into an army.
  • Nahiri, the Lithomancer: The stoneforger planeswalker, Nahiri, is a testament to the ancient and enduring might of the Kor. With the power to create Stoneforged Blades and to resurrect fallen equipment, she’s like a master sculptor, chiseling masterpieces from raw stone and breathing life into forgotten relics. In the grand theater of Commander, where artifacts often play pivotal roles, Nahiri ensures that your armory is ever ready and ever potent.

Best 31-40 Mono White Commanders in MTG Magic: the Gathering

31 through 40 still contain from popular commanders and a partner pair:

Keleth, Sunmane Familiar // Yoshimaru, Ever Faithful667
3Rune-Tail, Kitsune AscendantCreature$2.29 $2.18 0.7645
4Bennie Bracks, ZoologistCreature$24.99 $20.80 0.1638
4Mangara, the DiplomatCreature$2.49 $1.49 0.3618
1Isamaru, Hound of KondaCreature$0.79 $0.69 0588
2Thalia, Guardian of ThrabenCreature$0.79 $0.46 1536
3Lin Sivvi, Defiant HeroCreature$0.59 $0.31 0.1535
1Kytheon, Hero of AkrosCreature$4.99 $3.35 0519
4Odric, Master TacticianCreature$0.49 $0.25 0.4500
3Nadaar, Selfless PaladinCreature$0.79 $0.55 0.1495
  • Keleth, Sunmane Familiar // Yoshimaru, Ever Faithful: A tale of unity and bond, this duo exemplifies the essence of companionship. Keleth, the equine beacon, flourishes with every command, acquiring a +1/+1 counter for each one. Yoshimaru, on the other hand, embodies unwavering loyalty, safeguarding commanders from harm and ensuring their return. Together, they’re like two verses of a song, each enhancing the other, creating a harmony that reverberates through the battlefield, making partner strategies all the more compelling.
  • Mangara, the Diplomat: In the grand opera of MTG, where clashes of titans and spells are the norm, Mangara stands as a maestro of tact and negotiation. Drawing you cards when opponents get too aggressive or cast multiple spells, he’s like a seasoned diplomat, extracting benefits from even the most volatile situations. In the Commander format, where every card drawn is a new stratagem, Mangara ensures your arsenal remains well-stocked, turning your opponents’ ambitions into your advantages.
  • Odric, Master Tactician: A tactician par excellence, Odric commands the battlefield with unmatched acumen. When he and at least three other creatures attack, he decides how creatures block, orchestrating every skirmish with precision. Imagine a grand chessmaster, moving pieces with foresight and strategy, ensuring every move culminates in a checkmate. In the throes of combat, Odric ensures that every charge and counter is executed to perfection, leaving opponents in awe of his tactical genius.

Top 41-50 Mono White Commanders in MTG Magic: the Gathering

41 through 50 has some high power level, less expected commanders to offer:

3Mavinda, Students’ AdvocateCreature$0.99 $0.51 0492
6Baldin, Century HerdmasterCreature$0.99 $0.80 0490
2Daxos, Blessed by the SunCreature$0.35 $0.10 0.1484
Abdel Adrian, Gorion’s Ward // Far Traveler479
4Xenk, Paladin UnbrokenCreature$39.99 $43.29 0465
3Linden, the Steadfast QueenCreature$0.49 $0.22 0.4465
3Losheel, Clockwork ScholarCreature$0.35 $0.16 0.2425
6Patron of the KitsuneCreature$1.29 $1.29 0403
5Djeru, With Eyes OpenCreature$0.59 $0.27 0.1401
4Kwende, Pride of FemerefCreature$0.35 $0.03 0.1395
  • Mavinda, Students’ Advocate: Nestled in the hallowed halls of arcane learning, Mavinda stands as a beacon of wisdom and guidance. With the unparalleled ability to recast an instant or sorcery from your graveyard sans its cost, provided it targets a commander, she’s like the revered mentor, always ready to impart lessons from the past to turn the tide of the present. In the vast theater of Commander, where spells abound and strategies evolve, Mavinda ensures that no lesson is ever forgotten.
  • Linden, the Steadfast Queen: In the heart of the battlefield, where clashes of might and magic rage, Linden stands unyielding, a paragon of loyalty and devotion. With every white creature that strides into battle, she channels life force, replenishing vitality with every charge. Imagine the resonant chords of a harmonium, where each key struck rejuvenates the soul. In a life-centric strategy, Linden is that harmonium, ensuring that every assault brings not just dominance but also rejuvenation.
  • Losheel, Clockwork Scholar: Amidst the whirring cogs and gears of artifice, Losheel emerges, a scholar of precision and innovation. Ensuring that no artifact creature entering the battlefield on your side drains your resources, she epitomizes efficiency. Additionally, her benevolence grants card draw when such creatures come to life. Picture a maestro in a grand orchestra of machines, ensuring every note is pitch-perfect and every movement synchronized. In artifact-centric decks, Losheel is that maestro, harmonizing strategy and reward.

Best 51-75 Mono White Commanders in MTG Magic: the Gathering

Now that we’re outside the top 50 we’ll expand our list to 25 at a time, and still expand on 3 of our favorites: 

4Hokori, Dust DrinkerCreature$0.99 $1.31 2.1382
4Michiko Konda, Truth SeekerCreature$2.29 $1.57 0.5360
3Katilda, Dawnhart MartyrCreature$2.79 $2.64 0.1355
2Kemba, Kha EnduringCreature$0.49 $0.19 0332
4Heliod, God of the SunCreature$0.99 $0.42 0.3331
4Gisela, the Broken BladeCreature$21.99 $16.27 0.3324
4Halvar, God of BattleCreature$10.99 $7.96 0.2322
3Norika Yamazaki, the PoetCreature$0.35 $0.04 0.1301
3Soraya the FalconerCreature$1.29 $1.18 0296
3Ratchet, Field MedicCreature$1.99 $0.76 0293
5Danitha, Benalia’s HopeCreature$0.49 $0.43 0.1273
2Anafenza, Kin-Tree SpiritCreature$0.35 $0.09 0.1272
3Danitha Capashen, ParagonCreature$0.35 $0.22 0.1266
3Brimaz, King of OreskosCreature$18.99 $14.09 0.2265
8Zetalpa, Primal DawnCreature$0.49 $0.23 0.3263
4Brigid, Hero of KinsbaileCreature$0.99 $1.17 0.1258
1Mikaeus, the LunarchCreature$0.79 $0.23 0.2251
3The GafferCreature$7.49 $6.26 0248
4Celestial KirinCreature$0.49 $0.29 0.2247
4Bill the PonyCreature$0.35 $0.04 0239
5Mageta the LionCreature$0.49 $1.01 0.4230
3Nils, Discipline EnforcerCreature$1.99 $1.31 0.2215
3Lita, Mechanical EngineerCreature$17.99 $11.45 0211
6Takeno, Samurai GeneralCreature$0.79 $0.80 0200
4Oketra the TrueCreature$2.99 $2.07 0.2190
  • Hokori, Dust Drinker: Amidst the swirling dunes and sands of time, Hokori emerges, a specter of restraint and control. Casting an oppressive aura over the lands, he ensures that they remain tapped, save for one that can awaken each turn. Picture a master tactician, turning the sands of the hourglass at a deliberate pace, making each grain, each moment, count. Hokori is that tactician, offering players the chance to dictate the tempo and leave adversaries scrambling for resources.
  • Katilda, Dawnhart Martyr: A beacon of sacrifice and enduring spirit, Katilda resonates with the tales of martyrs past. When her life force is extinguished, the embers of her spirit empower humans you command, bestowing upon them protection from the very essence of evil: werewolves and vampires. Imagine a valiant captain, leading the charge against overwhelming odds, her sacrifice inspiring the ranks to greater feats. In human-centric decks, Katilda is that emblem of hope, ensuring her legacy shields the living from the terrors of the night.
  • Brimaz, King of Oreskos: Hailing from the majestic plains of Oreskos, Brimaz is the very embodiment of regal might. With each swing of his blade or parry of his shield, he summons loyal leonine vanguards to join the fray. Envision a king leading from the front, his every move resonating with power, commanding respect and loyalty. In decks that value relentless assault and defense in tandem, Brimaz stands as a monolithic pillar, a leader whose presence amplifies the roar of battle.

Top 76-100 Mono White Commanders in MTG Magic: the Gathering

The final 25 are much less seen at commander tables, at least in recent years, but may offer a great way to surprise your opponents and win close games:

Lae’zel, Vlaakith’s Champion // Noble Heritage186
2Kataki, War’s WageCreature$2.29 $1.89 1.1170
2Frodo, Determined HeroCreature$2.79 $1.03 0165
2Kentaro, the Smiling CatCreature$2.79 $3.28 0.1165
3Thalia, Heretic CatharCreature$4.99 $4.84 1159
3Loran of the Third PathCreature$9.49 $5.52 0157
4Greymond, Avacyn’s StalwartCreature$42.99 $41.66 0155
3Mangara of CorondorCreature$0.49 $0.14 0.1152
Ardenn, Intrepid Archaeologist // Yoshimaru, Ever Faithful142
Lulu, Loyal Hollyphant // Far Traveler142
6Crovax, Ascendant HeroCreature$0.69 $0.32 0.4141
7Konda, Lord of EiganjoCreature$5.99 $8.22 0.1141
3Masako the HumorlessCreature$3.49 $5.59 0.2130
2Sanwell, Avenger AceCreature$0.49 $0.09 0123
8Akroma, Angel of WrathCreature$4.49 $2.63 0.2122
4Jazal GoldmaneCreature$0.49 $0.17 0.2118
3Mavren Fein, Dusk ApostleCreature$2.49 $1.52 0.1113
9Reya DawnbringerCreature$2.99 $2.67 0.3112
6Jareth, Leonine TitanCreature$0.49 $0.41 0.2106
4Commander EeshaCreature$1.99 $2.19 0.1105
7Oyobi, Who Split the HeavensCreature$0.49 $0.08 0.1101
Ardenn, Intrepid Archaeologist // Rebbec, Architect of Ascension101
4Kongming, “Sleeping Dragon”Creature$0.39 $0.19 098
2Sensei Golden-TailCreature$1.99 $1.60 097
5Atalya, Samite MasterCreature$0.79 $0.70 0.296
  1. Kataki, War’s Wage: In a world increasingly dependent on artifacts, Kataki emerges as a relentless revolutionary among commander cards. Demanding a toll for each artifact one possesses, he ensures that the mechanized might comes at a price. Imagine a monk standing firm amidst the clangor of machinery, his mere presence exacting a tax on those who rely too heavily on their trinkets. Kataki is a masterful choice for those aiming to keep artifact-heavy decks in check, reminding them that every power comes at a cost.
  2. Thalia, Heretic Cathar: With a demeanor both fierce and unyielding, Thalia strides onto the battlefield, slowing the pace of foes with her disruptive aura. Creatures and non-basic lands your opponents control enter the fray tapped, hampering their strategies and buying you precious time. Thalia is a fantastic addition to decks that wish to hinder opponents, ensuring they’re always a step behind.
  3. Jazal Goldmane: Roaring with the might of a lion, Jazal stands as a beacon of aggression. While not one of the most popular commanders, it does provide the ability to boost your attacking creatures. Imagine a lion leading its pride, enhancing their might with every coordinated strike. Jazal is a force multiplier, making him invaluable in decks that prioritize a relentless offense, ensuring that every foray hits hard and true.

Top 3 Instants for Mono White Commander in MTG Magic: the Gathering

Mono-white offers some of the highest-value instant removal in the entire game:

  1. Swords to Plowshares: A spell as ancient as the tales sung by the fireside, this one’s reputation precedes it as one of Magic’s best removal cards. With a mere flick of the wrist, a menacing creature is banished from the battlefield, its thirst for conflict quenched, turning instead to the tranquil pursuit of agriculture. Imagine a warrior’s blade being beaten into a plowshare, its previous might now dedicated to nurturing life. While the caster offers a small boon of life to the opponent as recompense, it’s a small price to pay for the sheer efficiency of this card. No mono-white commander deck is complete without the poetic justice Swords to Plowshares offers.
  2. Path to Exile: Walking in the hallowed footsteps of its predecessor, Swords to Plowshares, this great card charts its own illustrious path. With an unmatched precision, it exiles a creature, guiding it away from the theater of war. In return, the opponent is granted a basic land, perhaps symbolizing a new beginning or a reluctant retreat. Imagine a knight being led away from the battlefield, the weight of their armor replaced by the soft tread of a journeyman’s boots. Its balance of efficiency with a minor drawback makes Path to Exile a staple for any commander deck under the white banner.
  3. Generous Gift: Ah, the unexpected generosity of turning an adversary’s prized asset into… an elephant? This delightful spell turns any permanent into a 3/3 elephant token, offering a gift that’s both generous and, perhaps, a tad mischievous. Picture a grand castle or a terrifying weapon transformed into a lumbering, albeit majestic, pachyderm. While it may not always be a downgrade, the sheer versatility and unpredictability of Generous Gift make it a must-have. It’s an offer that opponents often can’t refuse, even if the gift is a tad… elephantine.

Top 3 Sorceries for Mono White Commander in MTG Magic: the Gathering

The heart and soul of white control tops the sorcery list:

  1. Austere Command: This is not just a command, it’s a proclamation, echoing across the realms with its austere authority. With the power to choose not one, but two fates from its menu of destruction, there’s a reason it’s the top mono-white sorcery seen in the commander format. Whether it be the vanquishing of small creatures or the decimation of large, the razing of enchantments or artifacts, Austere Command molds the battlefield to the caster’s will.
  2. Farewell: Now here’s a sorcery that’s akin to turning off the lights at the party when everything’s gotten just a bit too rowdy. For six mana it’s a tool every mono-white commander should have up their sleeve. Wish to clear the battlefield of pesky artifacts, enchantments, or creatures? Farewell’s got you. Need to scrub those graveyards clean? Done. Its versatility shines brightest in those clutch moments where you need to reset the board.
  3. Wrath of God: A cataclysm, a reckoning, a divine intervention – the Wrath of God. When this sorcery is invoked, no creature (without indestructible) is spared, no plea is heard. The board is wiped clean, making way for a new chapter.

Top 3 Creatures for Mono White Commander in MTG Magic: the Gathering

These creatures belong in your 99 to bolster your mono-white commander:

  1. Esper Sentinel: This nifty artifact creature acts as a toll gate, subtly pressuring opponents with its tax. For just one white mana, its 1/1 frame ensures that every noncreature spell your adversaries cast will either cost them more or net you a card. Either way, it’s white finesse at its finest, making your opponents rethink every move.
  2. Sun Titan: A celestial giant that encapsulates white’s knack for restoration. Each time this 6/6 titan steps onto the stage or takes a swing, it breathes life into permanents with a mana value of 3 or less. Whether reclaiming lost lands, creatures, or enchantments, Sun Titan champions the idea that what’s gone is never really forgotten.
  3. Drannith Magistrate: This 1/3 creature is the embodiment of law and order in the MTG world. For just two mana, it sternly denies opponents the ability to cast spells from anywhere but their own hands. It’s a wrench in the plans for those relying on commanders, exile, or graveyard tactics. A true guardian of the rules, ensuring the game stays strictly in the hands.

Top 3 Enchantments for Mono White Commander in MTG Magic: the Gathering

White enchantments excel at bolstering your commander, and sometimes may even be the starting point of a beautiful combo deck:

  1. Smothering Tithe: This enchantment embodies white’s tactical expertise in resource accumulation. For each card drawn by an opponent, they’re presented with a taxing choice: either cough up two mana or graciously hand you a Treasure token. The beauty of this tax is its universality, affecting all foes and rapidly filling your coffers, allowing for grand plays or unexpected responses.
  2. Ghostly Prison: A fortress in enchantment form, Ghostly Prison stands as a bulwark against aggressive strategies. Opponents are forced to weigh their options, as each creature they wish to send your way demands a two-mana tribute. This enchantment exemplifies white’s defensive prowess, turning the battlefield into a strategic mind game and making foes think twice before they strike.
  3. Anointed Procession: This enchantment is a testament to white’s ability to amplify its blessings. Doubling the number of tokens you create, it supercharges strategies centered on token production. From soldier armies to heavenly angels, Anointed Procession ensures that your forces multiply rapidly, turning modest gatherings into imposing armies.

Top 3 Planeswalkers for Mono White Commander in MTG Magic: the Gathering

We’re playing Magic in 2023. It wouldn’t be the same without a couple of Planeswalkers!

  1. Elspeth, Sun’s Champion: A beacon of hope on the battlefield, Elspeth’s versatility shines in white-aligned strategies. Her ability to create soldier tokens aids in building a formidable army, while her middle ability sweeps away larger threats, leveling the field. Ultimately, her emblem, a testament to white’s enduring spirit, turns even the smallest of creatures into dominant threats, solidifying her place as a champion in white commander decks.
  2. The Eternal Wanderer: While the specifics of “The Eternal Wanderer” are nebulous in current MTG lore (as of my last update), the name suggests a Planeswalker with a vast journey and deep wisdom. In the context of a hypothetical mono-white strategy, such a Planeswalker would likely offer a blend of protection, long-term value, and potential synergies with life gain or token strategies. The name evokes a sense of enduring resilience, a trait deeply appreciated in mono-white decks.
  3. Ajani, Strength of the Pride: Ajani, with his leonine grace and might, embodies white’s focus on life gain and community. His abilities are a testament to his protective nature, offering both life gain and creature creation. His zero ability can wreak havoc on opponents, potentially wiping their board clean if you’ve achieved a high enough life total. A paragon of white’s virtues, Ajani is a staple in decks that emphasize life as a resource and weapon.

Top 3 Artifacts for Mono White Commander in MTG Magic: the Gathering

Looking for artifacts to accelerate or protect your alternate win conditions? These will come in handy:

  1. Swiftfoot Boots: Essential footwear for any valued creature, Swiftfoot Boots provides both haste and hexproof. This ensures your key creatures can act swiftly and remain shielded from targeted removal. Its low casting and equip cost makes it an easily accessible and pivotal tool in ensuring your strategies unfold with both speed and safety.
  2. Skullclamp: A relic of immense power, Skullclamp turns the frailty of creatures into an engine of card draw. By attaching to creatures with just one toughness, their demise grants the controller two fresh cards. Especially potent in token-based strategies or decks that often see creatures with diminished strength, Skullclamp is an invaluable resource engine for mono-white commanders looking to supplement their draw capabilities.
  3. Archaeomancer’s Map: Delving into the realm of land ramp, a rarity for white, Archaeomancer’s Map grants the mono-white player a glimmer of hope in the race for mana progression. Upon its arrival, it checks opponents’ land counts and allows its controller to fetch up plains to match any disparities. Moreover, with each land drop an opponent makes, the map readies itself to bring plains from exile to the battlefield. This artifact bridges white’s traditional gap in ramp, making it a sought-after inclusion in many decks.

Top 3 Mana Rocks for Mono White Commander in MTG Magic: the Gathering

Mono white may not offer much in the way of mana ramp, but adding the right mana rocks will smooth out that mana curve:

  1. Sol Ring: Revered as one of the quintessential mana accelerants across all Commander decks, Sol Ring’s prowess lies in its ability to tap for two colorless mana for a mere one mana investment, making it one of the best cards period in the format. Such swift ramp is invaluable, especially in mono-white, where efficient mana utilization can dictate the pace of the game, and ramp is much harder to come by than say, green or black. An almost auto-include in any Commander deck, it’s no surprise that Sol Ring shines brilliantly in mono-white builds.
  2. Pearl Medallion: Tailored for the devout of the white mana, Pearl Medallion reduces the casting cost of white spells by a single mana. This medallion not only speeds up the game plan but also allows for more expansive plays in a single turn. In a mono-white setting, its constant value enhancement for spells makes it an attractive addition to ensure smoother and more efficient turns.
  3. Mind Stone: A dual-faceted gem, Mind Stone provides a colorless mana when tapped but also harbors the potential to be cashed in for a card when the time is right. This flexibility is especially treasured in mono-white, a color often seeking ways to supplement its draw capabilities. Balancing ramp and potential card advantage, Mind Stone is a versatile choice for those white decks looking to maintain pace and options.

Top 3 Non-Basic Land for Mono White Commander in MTG Magic: the Gathering

Non-basic land are the first thing I look for when I start building my land base. These will get your white commander moving the right direction:

  1. Eiganjo, Seat of the Empire: A beacon of white mana’s legacy, Eiganjo offers a sanctuary for legendary creatures. Not only does it tap for white mana, but its ability to grant a legendary creature protection from a chosen color till the end of turn makes it a tactical tool in the face of adversity. Within mono-white decks, where legendary figures often take center stage, Eiganjo shines as both a mana source and a protective haven.
  2. Hall of Heliod’s Generosity: Echoing the benevolence of the god Heliod, this hall serves as a beacon of recursion for enchantments. With its ability to place an enchantment card from the graveyard on top of the library, it ensures that key enchantments can be revisited. In mono-white decks, which often lean into enchantment-based strategies, this hall stands as a testament to resilience and the ability to rejuvenate key pieces.
  3. Castle Ardenvale: Rising from the plains, Castle Ardenvale not only taps for white mana but also holds the capability to churn out 1/1 human tokens. Its utility in providing a steady stream of creatures makes it a valuable asset, especially in the late game. For mono-white decks that relish in augmenting their board presence or capitalizing on token strategies, Castle Ardenvale is a fortress of both mana and might.

Top 3 Combos for Mono White Commander in MTG Magic: the Gathering

No commander deck is complete without some beastly combos, and mono white offers plenty to choose from. Check out how the top three currently being played work, and change or finish the game!

The luminous alliance of Heliod, Sun-Crowned and Walking Ballista:

Calling Forth the Divine: Begin with the grandeur of Heliod, Sun-Crowned on the field. This shining deity rewards life gain by placing +1/+1 counters on creatures of your choice, an emblem of his radiant favor.

Awakening the Construct: Enter Walking Ballista, an artifact creature with a heart of precision. This versatile creation can remove counters from itself to launch them as searing bolts of damage at any target.

The Cycle of Sunlit Strikes: By combining Heliod’s blessing with the Ballista’s inherent capability, a cycle of life gain and damage is formed. As you gain life, the Ballista grows in strength. In turn, it unleashes its power, striking down foes and potentially, with the right circumstances, setting off an endless loop of celestial retribution.

Mastering the Divine Ballet: With every cycle, you’re not just removing threats; you’re signaling an impending doom. For in the perfect moment, with just the right amount of life or counters, the combo becomes an unstoppable force, raining divine judgment on opponents.

Behold, the angelic interplay of Felidar Guardian and Restoration Angel:

Summoning the Feline: Begin the ballet with Felidar Guardian entering the fray. With a purr and a flick of its tail, it can momentarily exile another target permanent, only to bring it back instantly, refreshed and ready.

Descent of the Seraph: Alongside the Guardian, let Restoration Angel soar onto the battlefield. With its luminous wings, this angel has the gift of also blinking a fellow creature, allowing it to leave and re-enter the stage anew.

The Ethereal Waltz: As these two entities meet, they embark on an endless dance, blinking in and out of existence in tandem. The Angel revitalizes the Guardian, and the Guardian, in turn, returns the favor. This loop can give rise to a myriad of effects, creating ripples that affect the very fabric of the game.

Harvesting the Echoes: As they dance, look for opportunities to harness their perpetual motion. Perhaps triggering abilities, accumulating resources, or setting up your crowning move.

The intricate card combo of Karmic Guide, Reveillark, and Ashnod’s Altar:

Summoning the Spirit Guide: The play begins with Karmic Guide, a spirit echoing the songs of ages past. When it graces the battlefield, it resurrects a creature from the realm of the dead, a testament to white’s mastery over life’s cycle.

Unearthing the Lark: Accompanying the Guide is Reveillark, a creature whose departure from the field recalls spirits with power 2 or less back to the stage of battle. Its song resonates with Karmic Guide’s own tune, forming a duet of revival.

The Altar’s Role: Anchoring this ethereal ballet is Ashnod’s Altar. This ominous artifact can sacrifice creatures, converting their essence into colorless mana. When used with our performing spirits, it becomes the conductor of a grand, repeating symphony.

The Cycle of Life and Sacrifice: As the Guide and the Lark interact, they can be sacrificed to the Altar for mana, only to be brought back by each other’s abilities. This dance, once started, can be repeated indefinitely, producing infinite mana or triggering endless death and revival sequences.

With precision and timing, this trio can produce a performance that is both awe-inspiring and game-ending, leaving opponents in respectful silence.

Which do you think are the best mono-white commanders? Let us know in the comments.

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