Top 100 Mono Red Commanders in MTG Magic: the Gathering

Playing a mono-red deck in any format is a mindset unlike any other. Playing one in Commander says I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to melt your face. 

Mono red excels at the sneak attack with both instants and haste creatures. It can devastate with land destruction. It has 2 of the favorite tribal decks for Magic players in Goblins and Dragons. 

Mono red players are not here for a long game, they came to win quickly or go home. They’d just as soon throw a lightning bolt at you than take advantage of your group hug. They have plenty of ways to do so with direct damage spells, and fast, nasty creatures that may have obnoxious activated abilities.

If you sit down with a mono-red commander deck for a multiplayer game, don’t expect to make any friends. Though the play style can be a heck of a lot of fun. If you’d like to speed up your strategy check out the best mono red tutors here.

If you’re new to commander we have a commander beginner’s guide to get you started.

Lets take a look at the current top 100 mono red commanders per EDHREC, and their creature, spell, artifact, and land compliments. Any good mono red deck will include some explosive combos and we’ll provide some to include in your deck. There are commanders that light up your early game, or keep the late game flame burning, and everything in between. If you’re looking for your next mono-red commander, you’ll find them below!

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Top 10 Mono Red Commanders in MTG Magic: the Gathering

The following list from provides the commanders with Converted Mana Cost (CMC, aka Mana Value,) Card Name, Card Type, Cost on, Cost on, “Salt” score which is a kind of rating of how hated the commander is in the meta, and then the Number of Decks known to use the commander.

All costs were at time of writing and subject to change rapidly.

CMCNameTypeCard KingdomTCGPlayerSaltDecks
4Krenko, Mob BossCreature$3.99 $2.30 0.9214901
2Magda, Brazen OutlawCreature$0.59 $0.47 0.518240
4Zada, Hedron GrinderCreature$0.35 $0.03 0.315423
4Torbran, Thane of Red FellCreature$1.99 $1.78 0.525219
4Solphim, Mayhem DominusCreature$10.99 $7.53 03481
5Neheb, the EternalCreature$9.99 $5.45 0.473327
4Purphoros, God of the ForgeCreature$14.99 $10.78 1.153259
5Rionya, Fire DancerCreature$4.49 $2.75 0.312949
5Slicer, Hired MuscleCreature$2.49 $1.58 02892
4Daretti, Scrap SavantPlaneswalker$0.79 $0.36 0.332706

The #1 Mono Red Commander in MTG Magic: the Gathering is:

Krenko, Mob Boss:

With his unmatched popularity and unparalleled ability to churn out an army, it’s no wonder Krenko sits atop the mono-red commander throne. Per the above stats, Krenko is almost twice as popular as any other mono red commander.

This guy is the kingpin of goblin shenanigans. I mean, who doesn’t want to double (at least) their goblin troops every turn? Tap Krenko and watch as your board overflows with an army of goblin hooligans. Pair him with cards that let him tap multiple times per turn, and you’re looking at a potential goblin apocalypse. It’s the sort of pandemonium that’s music to any red/goblin/token player’s ears.

At a glance, Krenko’s ability might seem deceptively simple. For the mere cost of tapping him, you double the number of goblin tokens you control. But here’s where it gets juicy: imagine you have Krenko and just two other goblin tokens on the battlefield. Tap Krenko, and now you have four. Next turn, tap again, and voilà, you’ve got eight. A couple more turns, and you’re staring down a veritable horde of goblin minions, all salivating at the prospect of swarming your opponent.

In the ever-fluctuating market of Magic: The Gathering, Krenko, Mob Boss remains a beacon of affordability and value. Priced at a reasonable $3.99 on Card Kingdom and an even more budget-friendly $2.30 on TCGPlayer, Krenko ensures that even players on a tight budget can assemble a formidable deck. His modest cost allows players to allocate funds to other components of their deck or perhaps to snag a few extra synergistic cards to complement the goblin chieftain. With Krenko, you’re not just investing in a card; you’re investing in countless games of fun without breaking the bank.

Pair Krenko with cards like Thornbite Staff and Ashnod’s Altar, and you’ve got the makings of some truly explosive plays. Tap Krenko, create a bunch of goblins, sacrifice one to the Altar’s activated ability, untap Krenko with the Staff, and repeat. The sheer number of goblins you can produce can be dizzying!

Play Examples: Picture this: It’s turn four, and you’ve got Krenko on the board along with a couple of his goblin pals. You play Thousand-Year Elixir, allowing you to tap Krenko immediately. In a flash, your modest goblin gathering has doubled. Next turn, drop a Magewright’s Stone and watch as your goblin numbers go through the roof. It’s not long before you’re leveraging an Impact Tremors or a Purphoros, God of the Forge to capitalize on each goblin’s arrival, turning each new recruit into direct damage.

The Rest of the Top 10 Mono Red Commanders in MTG Magic: the Gathering

Magda, Brazen Outlaw:
Here’s a dwarf with some serious ambition. Every time your dwarves become tapped, Magda is there to reward you with treasure (literally). Stack up five treasures, and she’s off shopping for dragons or powerful artifacts. With the right setup, Magda can rapidly accelerate your game, making her a top-notch choice for those who like their red with a side of gold.

Zada, Hedron Grinder:
Zada is like that friend who shares everything on their social media. Cast a single-target spell on Zada, and she makes sure all your creatures get a taste. This leads to some utterly wild turns where a simple cantrip or pump spell turns into a monstrous board-wide buff. Build around her, and Zada will reward you with unparalleled value.

Torbran, Thane of Red Fell:
Our dear Torbran is back and he’s as fiery as ever. Why settle for mediocre when you can deal MORE damage? This dwarf ensures that all your red sources pack an extra punch. Every burn spell, every attacking creature, every ping – Torbran adds that extra zing to make your opponents wince. If you’ve ever dreamed of turning the heat up to 11, Torbran’s your guy.

Solphim, Mayhem Dominus:
Solphim is the embodiment of chaos and mayhem in the best possible way. Every time an opponent thinks they’ve got a handle on things, Solphim shakes up the board with unpredictable and explosive effects. Whether it’s raining down damage, forcing battles, or inciting total pandemonium, with Solphim at the helm, no game is ever dull. He’s perfect for those who like a bit of mischief with their red mana.

Neheb, the Eternal:
Whoever said you can’t buy happiness didn’t meet Neheb. Every bit of damage you deal in your post-combat main phase gets you that sweet, sweet red mana, thanks to our flame-zombie friend. Think of all those glorious fireball spells you can launch, or perhaps an army of creatures to deploy! With Neheb, the world (or at least the battlefield) is your spicy oyster.

Purphoros, God of the Forge:
Talk about a warm welcome! Every creature that enters your side of the battlefield under Purphoros’s watchful eye deals 2 damage to each opponent. That’s right, EACH opponent. Tokens, creatures – you name it. And if that’s not enough, he also pumps up your creatures to hasten their fiery demise. If you’re keen on turning every creature summon into a mini volcanic eruption, then Purphoros is your deity.

Rionya, Fire Dancer:
Every spellcaster’s dream, Rionya knows how to put on a show. Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery, she gifts you a temporary copy of one of your creatures. It’s all fun and games until you’re mirroring your best attackers and turning a single offensive into an overwhelming assault. Rionya ensures that every spell cast feels like a grand performance.

Slicer, Hired Muscle:
The arena’s newest gladiator, Slicer is all about power and aggression. Every attack, every block, Slicer grows in strength, accumulating muscle and might. But he’s not just brawn; he’s got strategy too. As opponents scramble to manage his ever-increasing threat, you can lay down your real game plan. For those who like their games action-packed and adrenaline-fueled, Slicer is your champion.

Daretti, Scrap Savant:
The mastermind of artifact recursion, Daretti is the goblin genius we didn’t know we needed. Tossing away useless junk and bringing back valuable treasures from the graveyard, he’s a recycling program on steroids. Build around him with artifacts that have delicious enter-the-battlefield effects or ones that don’t mind being thrown away, and you’ve got a deck that’s as clever as it is explosive.

Top 11-20 Mono Red Commanders in MTG Magic: the Gathering

Having covered the top ten, we’ll pick three commanders from each of the next blocks and dive deeper into what sets their mono-red decks on fire!

1Ragavan, Nimble PilfererCreature$44.99 $37.97 1.372698
4Imodane, the PyrohammerCreature$0.49 $0.42 02515
4UrabraskCreature$11.99 $9.44 02445
1Norin the WaryCreature$1.99 $2.06 0.432355
3Zurzoth, Chaos RiderCreature$0.49 $0.19 0.372346
4Delina, Wild MageCreature$3.99 $3.40 0.322130
3Chandra, Fire of KaladeshCreature$2.29 $1.45 0.092052
9Chiss-Goria, Forge TyrantCreature$2.79 $2.91 02039
2Ashling the PilgrimCreature$0.49 $0.09 0.392036
3Feldon of the Third PathCreature$0.99 $0.32 0.321948

Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer:
This cheeky monkey is as swift as they come. Every time Ragavan gets in for a hit, not only do you nab a treasure token (talk about getting paid for your troubles), but you also exile the top card of your opponent’s library. And guess what? You can play that card! It’s like going through someone’s wallet and treating yourself to a shopping spree on their dime. If you want a commander that feels like a mischievous pickpocket, Ragavan is your guy.

Zurzoth, Chaos Rider:
Ah, good ol’ Zurzoth! This devilish rider thrives in the pandemonium. Every time an opponent draws their second card each turn, you get a devil token. And when those tokens bite the dust? Your opponents get pinged. It’s like throwing a surprise party where the confetti is mildly explosive. For those who love causing a ruckus and want to keep everyone on their toes, Zurzoth ensures that no game is ever dull.

Feldon of the Third Path:
Sentimentality and mono-red don’t usually mix, but Feldon’s a rare exception. He’s the master of bringing back artifact replicas of creatures from your graveyard. Lost your prized creature earlier in the game? No worries! Feldon’s got your back, creating a mechanical version to relive its glory days. Think of it as giving your creatures a second lease on life, even if it’s just for a turn. If nostalgia-packed gameplay and a touch of artifact brilliance sound appealing, Feldon’s the commander you’ve been searching for.

Top 21-30 Mono Red Commanders in MTG Magic: the Gathering

These are still some of the best red commanders money can buy! Lets check out three more, without getting burned.

6Etali, Primal StormCreature$0.79 $0.32 0.611899
3Birgi, God of StorytellingCreature$11.99 $10.32 0.71802
6Lathliss, Dragon QueenCreature$4.99 $2.78 0.341677
6Godo, Bandit WarlordCreature$0.99 $0.64 0.991578
4Toralf, God of FuryCreature$3.49 $3.24 0.251508
4Jaxis, the TroublemakerCreature$0.49 $0.37 0.211498
3Valduk, Keeper of the FlameCreature$0.35 $0.02 0.071493
5Purphoros, Bronze-BloodedCreature$2.29 $1.99 0.411438
3Zo-Zu the PunisherCreature$3.99 $3.66 0.91402
3Laelia, the Blade ReforgedCreature$2.99 $1.92 0.191295

Etali, Primal Storm:
Talk about stealing the show! Every time this dino-dynamo attacks, you get to play a card from the top of each opponent’s library for free. It’s a bit like gatecrashing a party and then stealing the spotlight on the dance floor. With Etali, every combat step becomes a surprise bonanza, and you never know what treasures you’ll unearth. If unpredictability and freeloading off your foes sounds like a jolly good time, then Etali is your prehistoric party crasher!

Birgi, God of Storytelling:
Oh, the tales we could spin with Birgi by our side! This goddess is all about momentum. Every spell you cast gives you that sweet red mana to cast another, driving your turns into a cascading series of epic plays. Plus, her other side, Harnfel, lets you discard a card to exile two from your library and play them this turn. It’s like flipping through a fiery storybook where every page holds a new adventure. For those who enjoy a fast-paced game and love to keep the narrative flowing, Birgi ensures your story never hits a lull.

Lathliss, Dragon Queen:
Bow down to the queen of the skies! Every time another dragon enters the battlefield under your command, Lathliss ensures you get another fire-breathing friend. That’s right, more dragons! It’s like hosting a grand ball and every guest brings along an unexpected plus-one. And if that wasn’t enough, she’s got the firepower to bolster her kin, turning your army of dragons into a devastating aerial force. If commanding a legion of majestic winged beasts and reigning supreme in the skies sounds like your cup of tea, Lathliss will make your fiery fantasies come to life. Pick her up, and build that dragon deck you’ve always wanted!

Top 31-40 Mono Red Commanders in MTG Magic: the Gathering

These may be lesser played, but the next 10 still pack a punch like a fireball. Time to check out 3 more in-depth.

3Auntie Blyte, Bad InfluenceCreature$6.99 $3.13 01274
6Muxus, Goblin GrandeeCreature$4.49 $4.30 0.411265
3Krenko, Tin Street KingpinCreature$1.49 $0.42 0.311188
5Syr Carah, the BoldCreature$0.35 $0.12 0.081154
6Inferno of the Star MountsCreature$3.99 $2.01 0.271009
5Heartless HidetsuguCreature$0.99 $0.52 0.82951
Kediss, Emberclaw Familiar // Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh906
Dargo, the Shipwrecker // Jeska, Thrice Reborn818
4Khârn the BetrayerCreature$1.49 $0.63 0815
5Kiki-Jiki, Mirror BreakerCreature$8.49 $8.04 1.32772

Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin:
Well, well, if it isn’t the goblin mobster of Ravnica’s underbelly! Every time this little rascal swings in, he brings a horde of his buddies with him. The beauty of Krenko lies in his exponential growth. One becomes two, two become four, and before your opponents know it, they’re knee-deep in goblin trouble. If leading a rapidly multiplying goblin gang to overwhelm and outpace your foes sounds thrilling, then Krenko’s your guy. Just remember, the more, the messier!

Syr Carah, the Bold:
Ever wanted to turn your deck into a cannon of fiery spells? Enter Syr Carah. With every swing and every ping, she unveils the top card of your library, allowing you to cast those fiery instants and sorceries on a whim. It’s like a fireworks show where you never know what’s coming next, but you’re sure it’s going to light up the night. For those pyromancers who love a good spectacle and the thrill of the unknown, Syr Carah ensures the show never stops.

Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker:
Ah, the mischief-maker of the red realm! Kiki-Jiki’s talent for creating short-lived replicas of creatures is nothing short of legendary. Imagine having your best creature on board, then poof, now you have two! While the duplicates might be fleeting, the possibilities are endless. Combo potential? Oh, you bet. Surprising plays? Absolutely. Kiki-Jiki’s like that mischievous twin that always keeps everyone on their toes. Double the fun, double the chaos!

Top 41-50 Mono Red Commanders in MTG Magic: the Gathering

There’s still some hot fun to be found in this pit of the next 10. We’ll cover 3 more like a grease fire.

5Ilharg, the Raze-BoarCreature$5.49 $4.06 0.47767
8Bosh, Iron GolemCreature$0.49 $0.10 0.39762
3Subira, Tulzidi CaravannerCreature$0.35 $0.05 0.06761
5Urabrask, Heretic PraetorCreature$3.49 $2.51 0.33703
5Lovisa ColdeyesCreature$0.99 $0.81 0.09650
4Orthion, Hero of LavabrinkCreature$1.99 $2.52 0575
2Grenzo, Havoc RaiserCreature$0.99 $0.70 0.43572
3Captain Ripley VanceCreature$0.35 $0.02 0557
2Goro-Goro, Disciple of RyuseiCreature$1.29 $0.70 0.09551
5Zirilan of the ClawCreature$6.99 $8.12 0.29544

Ilharg, the Raze-Boar:
A deity in boar form, Ilharg is the embodiment of destruction! Every time this massive beast attacks, it brings another creature along for the joyride, smashing directly onto the battlefield. But that’s not the best part: once the party’s over, said creature gets to bounce back to your hand, ready for the next raid. If you’ve ever wanted to play ‘surprise and terrorize’ with your opponents, Ilharg is your go-to boar-god.

Subira, Tulzidi Caravanner:
Swift and sneaky, Subira ensures that your small creatures pack a punch beyond their stature. With her at the helm, your unassuming creatures get a ticket to damage-town, slipping through defenses with ease. And if that’s not enough, her ability to turn damage into card draw makes sure your hand stays stocked. With Subira leading the caravan, it’s all about high-speed, evasive action, and ensuring the little guys get their moment in the spotlight!

Zirilan of the Claw:
Dragons, anyone? Zirilan’s love for these winged behemoths is truly unmatched. With a simple tap, Zirilan can summon any dragon from your deck for a one-time aerial assault. While they may only stay for a brief visit, the sheer surprise factor and choice of dragons at your disposal can make each attack a game-changer. For those with a penchant for sky-soaring, fire-breathing monstrosities, Zirilan promises a flight you won’t forget.

Top 51-75 Mono Red Commanders in MTG Magic: the Gathering

We’re more than halfway through, so we’ll deep dive on 3 more of the next 25.

Jeska, Thrice Reborn // Rograkh, Son of RohgahhPlaneswalker, Creature, Partners513
4Neheb, Dreadhorde ChampionCreature$0.49 $0.19 0.26489
6Moraug, Fury of AkoumCreature$7.99 $6.62 0.57478
1Rosnakht, Heir of RohgahhCreature$0.59 $0.26 0.07454
7ThemberchaudCreature$37.99 $40.15 0454
3Varchild, Betrayer of KjeldorCreature$5.99 $3.27 0.21448
5Urabrask the HiddenCreature$1.29 $0.45 0.59444
4Hazoret the FerventCreature$1.79 $1.27 0.04437
4Kurkesh, Onakke AncientCreature$0.49 $0.26 0.36429
3Squee, the ImmortalCreature$0.49 $0.21 0.2419
4Ojer Axonil, Deepest MightCreature$9.99 $41.66 0417
3Farid, Enterprising SalvagerCreature$0.49 $0.08 0411
5Kazuul, Tyrant of the CliffsCreature$0.35 $0.09 0.26376
5Plargg and NassariCreature$1.49 $0.58 0374
3Slobad, Iron GoblinCreature$0.49 $0.08 0353
3Pashalik MonsCreature$1.29 $0.75 0.19329
4The Red TerrorCreature$5.49 $2.85 0326
3Jaya Ballard, Task MageCreature$0.49 $0.15 0.28309
4Ib Halfheart, Goblin TacticianCreature$0.99 $0.26 0.13306
5Zalto, Fire Giant DukeCreature$0.49 $0.13 0259
4Diaochan, Artful BeautyCreature$13.99 $21.47 0.06256
3Anax, Hardened in the ForgeCreature$0.35 $0.09 0.12245
4Márton StromgaldCreature$5.99 $9.53 0.06243
4Atsushi, the Blazing SkyCreature$6.49 $3.99 0.16231
4Fumiko the LowbloodCreature$0.59 $0.35 0.25230

Jeska, Thrice Reborn // Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh:
A dynamic duo if there ever was one! Jeska enters with the weight of her past lives, and with each activation, she ensures your creatures punch harder, burn brighter, and leave a trail of scorched opponents in their wake. Partner her with Rograkh, a Kobold with so much heart, and you’ve got a tag team that dishes out early aggression while setting the stage for explosive plays. Truly a pair that embodies the spirit of “starting with a bang.”

Moraug, Fury of Akoum:
Who needs one combat phase when you can have two… or three… or even more? Moraug’s love for battle is evident, granting you additional combat steps every time you pop down a land. The very ground trembles under his feet, and with him on your side, your armies get to dance the deadly tango multiple times a turn. If relentless onslaughts are your jam, Moraug ensures the battle rages on!

Hazoret the Fervent:
A god among goblins, elves, and men, Hazoret’s fervor knows no bounds. In the game’s twilight, when hands are near empty, Hazoret shines brightest, becoming an indomitable force capable of both dealing and taking heavy blows. With a penchant for pitching cards for direct damage, she embodies the red mantra: “Why be subtle when you can be spectacular?”

Top 76-100 Mono Red Commanders in MTG Magic: the Gathering

While we’ve reached the end, we still have 3 more embers to fan. They may be far less popular than the top of the list, but that may be part of what makes them perfect for your playgroup!

2Kari Zev, Skyship RaiderCreature$0.69 $0.18 0.08222
2Slobad, Goblin TinkererCreature$0.59 $0.13 0.14215
5Kumano, Master YamabushiCreature$0.49 $0.23 0.43213
3Adamaro, First to DesireCreature$0.59 $0.90 0.13211
3Starke of RathCreature$0.59 $0.41 0.29209
6Maraxus of KeldCreature$0.99 $2.62 0.08205
Jeska, Thrice Reborn // Kediss, Emberclaw FamiliarPlaneswalker, Creature, Partners$5.49 + $0.99$4.15 + $1.05197
7Drakuseth, Maw of FlamesCreature$1.29 $0.47 0.31188
4Ben-Ben, Akki HermitCreature$0.69 $0.62 0.3185
4Heiko Yamazaki, the GeneralCreature$0.35 $0.04 0177
3Gadrak, the Crown-ScourgeCreature$0.79 $0.38 0.16173
3Mannichi, the Fevered DreamCreature$0.49 $0.42 0.07170
3Nogi, Draco-ZealotCreature$13.99 $10.77 0.05166
4Skyfire KirinCreature$0.59 $0.47 0146
5Dong Zhou, the TyrantCreature$159.99 $183.99 0.14146
4Rakka MarCreature$0.35 $0.06 0.06143
8Akroma, Angel of FuryCreature$1.29 $0.70 0.21141
2Feldon, Ronom ExcavatorCreature$0.49 $0.25 0121
2Krark, the ThumblessCreature$1.29 $0.51 0.72119
3Brothers YamazakiCreature$0.35 $0.18 0117
Ganax, Astral Hunter // Dragon CultistCreature + Background    $0.35 + $0.35$0.07 + $0.17114
0Rograkh, Son of RohgahhCreature$0.99 $0.28 0.24112
3Gimli of the Glittering CavesCreature$4.49 $2.11 0108
3Arni MetalbrowCreature$0.49 $0.17 0102
3Captain Lannery StormCreature$0.49 $0.12 0.1397

Kari Zev, Skyship Raider:
Ahoy, sky pirates and treasure hunters! Captain Kari Zev is at the helm, and she’s bringing along her trusty monkey Ragavan for a high-flying adventure. With menace and a unique ability to bring in a 2/1 buddy every time she swings, Kari ensures that your raids are not just successful but also spectacularly stylish. She’s fast, she’s fierce, and she guarantees a barrel of fun (monkey pun absolutely intended)!

Feldon, Ronom Excavator:
Longing for creatures lost? Feldon has a knack for breathing life back into the artifacts of the past. With a tap, a bit of mana, and a memory of a creature in your graveyard, Feldon whips up a hasty, carbon copy ready to serve your every whim. And when their job is done? They’re reduced to ashes, only to be summoned once more when you need them. Sentimentality and strategy have never been so seamlessly intertwined.

Krark, the Thumbless:
Are you feeling lucky, Planeswalker? With Krark on your side, every spell you cast becomes a thrilling gamble. Will it fizzle out or will it explode with double the impact? While Krark might be missing a thumb, he certainly has a flair for the dramatic, adding an element of unpredictability that keeps your opponents on their toes. It’s a game of chance with every cast, and the payoff can be oh-so-satisfying!

Top Instants for Mono Red Commander Decks in MTG Magic: the Gathering

Chaos Warp:
Ever looked at an opponent’s pesky permanent and thought, “I wish that’d just disappear into a vortex of randomness!”? Enter Chaos Warp. It doesn’t just deal with the problem; it spins it into the deck and replaces it with something – anything – from the top. Maybe it’s a harmless land, or maybe it’s an even bigger threat, but one thing’s for sure: it’s always a wild ride!

Deflecting Swat:
“Why, yes, I do think your spell targeting my precious commander should target something (or someone) else!” That’s the energy Deflecting Swat brings to the table. In the world of red, where reactions can be as unpredictable as a volcanic eruption, having a free means to redirect target spells can be a game-changer. Bonus: The look on your opponent’s face when you Swat their plans? Priceless.

Thrill of Possibility:
Is your hand feeling a tad… meh? Toss one card into the fiery depths of possibility and draw two fresh ones with Thrill of Possibility! It’s like sipping a rejuvenating potion in the heat of battle. For a mere two mana, you’re reinvigorating your strategies and keeping that red-hot momentum going. A true thrill, indeed!

Top Sorceries for Mono Red Commander Decks in MTG Magic: the Gathering

Blasphemous Act:
Oh, the board’s gotten a bit too crowded, has it? Fear not! Blasphemous Act is like a volcanic eruption on command. For potentially just one red mana, this spell can wipe the slate clean, sending creatures to the graveyard en masse. Whether you’re using it defensively or just reveling in the chaos, there’s no denying the impact of this Act on the battlefield.

Jeska’s Will:
Harness the untapped potential of both your and your opponents’ strategies with Jeska’s Will! Whether you’re adding a heap of red mana to your pool or drawing into the flames of your deck, there’s something delightfully devilish about benefitting from your opponent’s hand size. It’s versatile, it’s powerful, and it’s bound to make you cackle with glee.

Faithless Looting:
Got a couple of cards in your hand that aren’t quite fanning the flames of your strategy? Enter Faithless Looting, the perfect way to toss ’em into the blaze and draw into new possibilities. And if that wasn’t spicy enough, it even has flashback, letting you ignite the fun from the graveyard later on. It’s like sifting through the embers to find hidden treasures.

Top Creatures for Mono Red Commander Decks in MTG Magic: the Gathering

Dockside Extortionist:
Ever wondered what it feels like to be a pirate, ransacking your opponents’ treasures? Dockside Extortionist is your chance! This sneaky little goblin enters the battlefield, eyeballs your opponents’ artifacts and enchantments, and turns them into beautiful, glistening treasures. The more bling your opponents flash, the richer you become. It’s a payday like no other in the world of Magic!

Storm-Kiln Artist:
Meet the maestro of Magecraft! Storm-Kiln Artist isn’t just here to paint; he’s here to turn each spell you cast into a treasure. Perfect for those spell-slinging strategies, this Artist ensures you’re rewarded in shiny treasures every time you weave your magical web. And with those added resources, who knows the limits to your fiery exploits?

Professional Face-breaker:
A staple for mono-red commander decks, blending aggression with utility. Its menace trait encourages successful combat hits, which yield Treasure tokens. These tokens aren’t just mana; they offer card advantage, letting you exile and play the top card of your library, keeping the momentum firmly on your side. For more on mono red card draw check out our writeup here.

Top Enchantments for Mono Red Commander Decks in MTG Magic: the Gathering

Impact Tremors:
Feel that? That’s the ground shaking with anticipation every time a creature steps onto your battlefield. Impact Tremors ensures that no entry is quiet. Each creature you summon sends a shockwave, dealing damage to each opponent. Whether you’re playing one giant beast or a horde of tiny minions, this enchantment ensures that every arrival makes an, well, impact!

Goblin Bombardment:
What’s more chaotic than a goblin with a stick of dynamite? How about a horde of them? Goblin Bombardment turns your creatures into live ammo, letting you sacrifice them to deal direct damage. Perfect for those moments when that last point of damage is all you need, or when you just feel like causing a little… well, bombardment!

Underworld Breach:
Who says the past is gone? With Underworld Breach, every card in your graveyard is a potential weapon waiting to be unleashed. For the small price of exiling a few other cards, you can cast spells from the graveyard as though they were in your hand. Talk about getting a second chance to cause mayhem! It’s a breach into the depths of your arsenal, turning yesterday’s spells into today’s triumphs.

Top Artifacts for Mono Red Commander Decks in MTG Magic: the Gathering

Obviously a case can be made for Swiftfoot Boots or Lightning Greaves here, but lets dig a little deeper.

Skullclamp: This macabre device is nothing short of a draw engine. Attach it to one of your tiny goblins or expendable tokens, and voilà! As they meet their tragic end, you’re rewarded with a fresh pair of cards. It’s the epitome of red’s philosophy: sacrifice for greater gains, and perhaps a bit of mischief.

If the phrase “enter the battlefield and make an immediate impact” was an artifact, it’d be the Embercleave. This weapon is not just any piece of metal; it’s a statement! Flash it in unexpectedly, and not only does your creature get beefier with a +1/+1 boost, but double strike and trample ensure that your opponents will feel the full force of your assault. When you need to turn the tide of battle in a flash, unsheathe the Embercleave and watch your foes tremble!

The Reaver Cleaver:
Ever wondered what it’s like to hack and slash with the flair of a drama queen? Then behold The Reaver Cleaver! Every swing, every strike, every brutal moment, this artifact ensures that the damage is shared with someone else – preferably an opponent’s planeswalker or that pesky creature they’ve been hiding behind. It’s not just about dealing damage; it’s about making sure they all get a taste of the pain party!

Top Planeswalkers for Mono Red Commander Decks in MTG Magic: the Gathering

Chandra, Torch of Defiance:
If versatility had a poster child in the fiery planeswalker realm, it would be our gal Chandra, Torch of Defiance. With an arsenal of abilities that span from ramping up your mana, to frying pesky creatures, drawing cards, and even dealing direct damage, she’s the full package! Bringing the heat in more ways than one, she’s a beacon of defiance that can either fuel your strategies or scorch your adversaries.

Daretti, Scrap Savant:
Ah, Daretti, the genius goblin artificer who just can’t keep his hands off the junkyard! With a knack for turning scrap into treasures, this savvy savant offers unparalleled card filtering for mono-red decks. And with his ability to resurrect artifacts straight from the graveyard, he ensures that what’s old is new again! Whether you’re discarding for value or reanimating a long-lost relic, Daretti is the go-to guy for all your artifact antics.

Chandra, Awakened Inferno:
If you ever questioned Chandra’s anger management, then behold the raw, unbridled fury of Chandra, Awakened Inferno! With an emblem that ensures your opponents steadily burn, her mere presence is a ticking time bomb. And she doesn’t stop there; she can sweep away smaller creatures or go toe-to-toe with the beefiest of beasts. She’s the epitome of ‘too hot to handle,’ and she ensures that no foe is safe from her wrath.

Top Mana Rocks for Mono Red Commander Decks in MTG Magic: the Gathering

Cursed Mirror:
Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the most treacherous of them all? Why, it’s the Cursed Mirror, of course! This gleaming artifact not only provides you with a quick jolt of red mana but can transform into a temporary twin of any creature on the battlefield. Whether you want to double up on your firepower or simply get a taste of an opponent’s creature’s strength, this mirror’s reflection is always a sight to behold… and fear!

Sol Ring: 
Few artifacts shine as brilliantly as the Sol Ring. This bauble, costing a mere single colorless mana, graces your mana pool with a generous duo of the same. It’s akin to harnessing the raw power of a minor sun, right from turn one! Its swiftness and efficiency are unparalleled, granting the fervent mono-red mage a jumpstart towards those larger, more ambitious plays. Whether you’re rushing to deploy a gargantuan dragon or activate a game-changing artifact, Sol Ring is the turbo-boost every red commander lusts after.

Arcane Signet:
​As enigmatic as it is useful, the Arcane Signet sits resplendent in many a mono-red arsenal. For just two mana, this talisman taps to provide a ruby-hued mana perfectly attuned to your mono-red predilections. While other colored decks revel in its adaptability, in the hands of a mono-red maestro, the Arcane Signet is a steadfast and reliable source of power. With no prerequisites, it’s ever-ready to fuel your fiery endeavors, ensuring that your explosive plays and infernal stratagems never lack the necessary magical juice. 

Top Non-Basic Lands for Mono Red Commander Decks in MTG Magic: the Gathering

Great Furnace: This smoldering smithy is more than just a mere land. Great Furnace is an artifact in disguise, melding seamlessly into strategies that prize both land drops and tinkering tools. Its dual identity can be leveraged in countless ways, from being fodder for a hungry Goblin Welder to synergizing with cards that thrive on artifact count. For the astute mono-red commander, this furnace isn’t just about the fire, it’s about forging strategies that burn brighter and fiercer.

Forgotten Cave: In a world where every draw counts, Forgotten Cave offers flexibility cloaked in the guise of a simple mountain. While it taps for that essential red mana, its true allure lies in its cycling ability. When mana flood threatens or when you’re in desperate search of answers, this cave is your savior, allowing you to swap it for a fresh draw from your deck. 

Sokenzan, Crucible of Defiance: This crucible is a bastion of defiance, echoing the very spirit of mono-red. While it fuels your mana needs, it can also channel into 2 1/1 spirits. This dynamic duality is what makes it cherished.

Top Combos for Mono Red Commander Decks in MTG Magic: the Gathering

Dualcaster Mage + Twinflame: 

When combined, these two cards create a storm of hasty tokens that can overwhelm even the sturdiest of defenses. Follow along with this spicy combo:

  1. Setting the Stage: To kick things off, you’ll need both cards in hand and enough mana to cast them. Ensure you have another creature on the battlefield; it can be any creature, but it’s merely there to be the initial target for Twinflame.
  2. Igniting the Flame: Cast Twinflame, targeting the aforementioned creature. This will create a hasty token copy of that creature for a turn.
  3. Enter the Mage: Before Twinflame resolves, with its effect still on the stack, cast Dualcaster Mage. When the mage enters the battlefield, its ability will trigger, allowing you to copy an instant or sorcery spell. Naturally, you’ll want to target Twinflame.
  4. Unleashing the Horde: With the copied Twinflame, target the Dualcaster Mage itself. This will create a token copy of the Dualcaster Mage, which, upon entering, will also have the opportunity to copy an instant or sorcery. Yet again, target Twinflame.
  5. Rinse and Repeat: This cycle can be repeated ad infinitum. Each time, a new token copy of Dualcaster Mage is made, which can again copy Twinflame, which can target the new token, and so on. The end result? An infinite army of hasty Dualcaster Mage tokens ready to swing in for potentially lethal damage!

While this combo might require a tad more setup than other “infinite” strategies, the sheer joy of watching your opponent’s face as you flood the board with mages is worth the price of admission.

Underworld Breach + Lion’s Eye Diamond + Wheel of Fortune: 

Behold, the fiery dance of Underworld BreachLion’s Eye Diamond, and Wheel of Fortune:

  1. Laying the Groundwork: First and foremost, you’ll want Underworld Breach on the battlefield. This crimson enchantment, bathed in the fires of the underworld, allows you to cast spells from your graveyard by exiling other cards as an additional cost.
  2. Breaking the Diamond: With the Breach in place, sacrifice Lion’s Eye Diamond to add three red mana to your mana pool. But be wary! The Diamond’s price is steep; you’ll have to discard your hand. However, fret not! The riches of the combo far outweigh this cost.
  3. Turning the Wheel: With your newfound mana and an empty hand, cast Wheel of Fortune from the graveyard using Underworld Breach’s ability. This will cause both you and your opponents to discard your hands and draw seven fresh cards. Not only do you replenish your resources, but you also fill your graveyard, fortifying the might of Underworld Breach.
  4. The Endless Cycle: After the Wheel has spun its tale, you can then sacrifice the Lion’s Eye Diamond once more, using those three red mana to recast Wheel of Fortune from the graveyard. This cycle can be repeated over and over, milling your opponents while you draw into more fuel or potential win conditions.
  5. Sealing the Deal: Ideally, throughout this process, you’ll encounter additional pieces to secure your victory. Whether it’s a storm-finisher, damage-dealers, or other crafty combos, the sheer card advantage and mana generation will place you leagues ahead of the competition.

In the grand theatre of Magic, this combo plays out like a dramatic three-act play, each component playing its part to perfection. But remember, as with all things powerful and precarious, timing is key. So in the right moment, wield this combo with the finesse of a maestro and watch as your opponents marvel at your red-hued magnum opus!

Krenko, Mob Boss + Skirk Prospector + Goblin Warchief: 

With Krenko as the #1 mono red commander we couldn’t very well not include one of his many combos. This combo stars Krenko, Mob BossSkirk Prospector, and the mighty Goblin Warchief. When these three goblin legends come together, prepare for a display of synergistic splendor that’ll have your foes quaking in their boots!

  1. Assembling the Horde: Begin by ensuring that both Goblin Warchief and Skirk Prospector are gracing your battlefield with their unruly presence. The Warchief, with his charismatic rallying cries, ensures that your goblin spells cost less to cast, and most crucially, gives your goblins haste. The Prospector, meanwhile, stands ready to turn your goblin recruits into fiery mana.
  2. Unleashing the Mob Boss: With the stage set, summon Krenko, Mob Boss to the fray. Thanks to the Warchief’s inspiring leadership, Krenko arrives with haste, ready to get straight to work. Tap him to exercise his unique managerial skills, doubling the number of goblins under your command.
  3. Fueling the Fire: Here’s where the real mischief begins. Sacrifice those new goblin tokens to Skirk Prospector, converting each of them into red mana. A goblin’s life is fleeting but fiery, after all.
  4. Rinse and Repeat: With your newfound mana riches, you can now use various means (such as untap effects or additional goblin-summoning spells) to further exploit Krenko’s abilities. If you can untap him and tap him again, the goblin production rate grows exponentially, providing you with an ever-increasing army and a flood of red mana.
  5. March to Victory: With an ever-swelling army of goblins at your beck and call, you can easily overwhelm your opponents with sheer numbers. Alternatively, use that massive influx of red mana to unleash devastating spells, ensuring your dominance on the battlefield.

This combo stands as a testament to goblin ingenuity (and their willingness to throw themselves into the fray for the greater good… or at least, the greater fun). Unleash this combo, and watch as your opponents despair before the relentless tide of goblin mayhem!

Which do you think are the best mono-red commanders? Let us know in the comments.

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