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The Crossroads of Astrology and MTG Magic: the Gathering

Below you’ll find a video of something not much discussed in the Magic community previously. In fact, I’d never heard of it until preparation to make this video. The Crossroads of Astrology and MTG Magic: the Gathering.

When I was a kid my mom liked to read the horoscopes in the newspaper. She didn’t know everything about astrology, but she believed the universe may have influenced you when you were born, and that there’s so much awesome power out there, it may still be influencing you more than you know.

MTG Nearby Planet card

Mom would frequently tell me to stop being such an Aries, or that I was behaving like an Aries. I looked into it a bit to be able to converse with her when these accusations arose. I can certainly see from sign descriptions and my actions why those things may have been said at those times…

Aries is the Ram, and a fire sign. Its traits tend to be on the fiery side as well, temper, stubborn, headbutting, but it’s not all bad. Aries are also known for being loyal and brave, not afraid of taking risks, and embracing competition.

MTG Crested Craghorn card featuring a ram or similar beast, representing Aries in astrology and MTG Magic: the Gathering

And while astrology isn’t my thing, MTG is, so when a colleague who runs the Astrology resource said she knew an accomplished astrologer who loves Magic: the Gathering and would like to meet, it wasn’t something I could pass up.

This video was a lot of fun to make, and I know you’ll enjoy it. Then hit up Andrea Gehrz who’s an awesome resource for ancient Greek mythology and sign language interpreting, in addition to having this kind of fun with astrology.

As you can see, Andrea, who goes by Andy, did a fantastic job putting together a deck to suit my astrological personality. And, I’ve always loved playing with dragons. One of my favorite commander decks is a dragon tribal, so she nailed that!

MTG Ancient Hellkite card

I’ve also played several goblin decks, including in Type 2/Standard tournaments during the Onslaught days of Goblin Piledriver and Siege-Gang Commander.

The idea of getting my chart created and read in terms of Magic: the Gathering cards was incredibly appealing. Whether you put stock in astrology or not, it’s fun to see how the personality ideas show up everywhere in Magic!

If you’re an Aries like me (or just enjoy the pace and burn or aggressive red decks,) go check out our list of the 100 best mono red commanders! Guaranteed to get a deck started that stokes your inner fire.

And to Wizards of the Coast, there is a real lack of Ram creatures in Magic. Quite an opportunity here!

MTG Wild Colos card

Maybe you’re working on a 60 card deck, or already have your commander and need a hand finding the perfect red draw card, or red tutor to take your deck to the next level.

I feel like Chandra has to be an Aries, right? Just about every version of Chandra is a fiery risk-taker!

MTG Chandra Ablaze card

We have some awesome commander scoresheets you can print and use to improve your game, check them out below.

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